A PR Girl’s Morning in the Office

Someone asked me the other day, “what’s the first thing you do when you get into the office?” That’s a great question. A PR girl’s morning in the office is usually never the same, but here are the basics that start off  each day (once you get out of bed).

  • Check Instagram  on your walk from the subway to the office (find us,  @nycprgirls)
  • Grab  a cup of coffee even before you drop your bag
  • Sit at your desk and switch shoes
  • Log onto both Gchat and Facebook messenger
  • Click through your emails that came through the night before
  • Respond to any emails that warrant a quick response
  • Check your to-do list to remind yourself what’s on your plate that day
  • Sort  through your Google Alerts quickly to review any  client news
  • Pull up Tweetdeck to see what’s scrolling (follow us @nycprgirls)
  • Grab another cup of coffee since you drank the first one so quickly
  • Head to a morning client call or team meeting

What do your mornings in the office look like?

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