A PR Girl’s Afternoon in the Office

We all know about a PR girl’s morning in the office, but what about the afternoon? Here’s what the average PR girl’s afternoon in the office looks like.

  • 3 p.m. sugar crave strikes, snacktime
  • Grab a second (or third) helping of coffee
  • Meetings, meetings and more meetings
  • Start emailing all of your completed assignments to managers
  • Send out those final pitches
  • Sort  through emails to make sure you didn’t overlook any
  • Check to see if your managers need any help
  • 5:30 p.m. look at People.com  to see what news you may have missed
  • Check your to-do list one last time before heading out of the office
  • Quickly organize your desk so it’s clean in the morning
  • Switch back to flats

What do you do every afternoon?


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