Are Internships Still Worthwhile?

We recently heard from, a main resource in online education for both students and those graduating, after completing  an survey and creating an infographic determining whether or not internships are worthwhile for college students. Internships are a huge factor in starting a career in PR in order to gain valuable experience and build your resume. uncovered the following about internships:

  • In 2011, over half of the internships were paid (approximated at 52%).
  • A college freshman intern makes $13.91 per hour on average.
  • In 2011, 61.2% of employers made full-time offers to their interns, out of which 86.5% of the interns accepted.
  • 61% of paid interns received job offers compared to 38% of unpaid interns.
  • Online networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) was pointed out as the least affective method of recruitment.

The good news is that now more than ever, internships are more likely to lead you to a full-time job offer so in our mind, they’re still worthwhile.

Did your internship lead to a full-time job offer? If you’re currently interning and were offered a full-time job at your workplace, would you accept it?

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