A’s Trip to Las Vegas

For those of you following us on Twitter and Instagram, you may have noticed all of the photos from Las Vegas. Last week, I took a pleasure trip to Las Vegas with a girlfriend of mine I met in New York City for Memorial Day Weekend. It was my first trip to Las Vegas without my family and the two of us had a great time seeing different DJ’s, laying poolside and exploring the city.

New York Hotel

Kaskade at Marquee Dayclub

Bellagio Fountains

We spent five days (Saturday to Wednesday) in the Cosmopolitan hotel which I highly recommend to anyone planning a trip to Vegas. I’d also suggest the following:

  • Plan Ahead. Our trip was extremely reasonably priced, even for Memorial Day Weekend, because we booked the trip months in advance.
  • Buy Tickets in Advance. I bought tickets to the dayclubs and nighclubs two months in advance and got them on presale for nearly a quarter of the price of what they sell them as at the door. I highly recommend Wet Republic and Marquee Dayclub.
  • Walk Around. Pack a pair of walking shoes and make a day out of visiting every hotel on the strip. Document what you see in each hotel on Instagram ;)
  • Protect Yourself!  I left Vegas with an awful heat rash. The Vegas sun is much hotter than what East Coasters are used to so use sunblock with a much higher SPF than normal.

Have you taken a trip to Las Vegas? Share your experience!


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