Asking for a Raise

A question we often receive – how do I ask for a raise? It’s something many of us have to do throughout our careers. And something I personally dread since I hate talking money. If you’ve put your time and hard work in and feel you’re deserving of a raise, here a few tips that might help you along.

Asking for a Raise

  • Make sure the time is right. Find out when your company usually gives promotions and raises.
  • Assess yourself. Look at the work you’re doing and be honest with yourself. Are you meeting all of your positions needs? Attributing to your clients success? Make sure you’re really deserving of a raise. If not, wait and start improving yourself.
  • Determine what you want. Have a solid number in mind. And be able to support it.
  • Speak with your manager. Discuss the assessment of yourself in person and why you think you’re deserving of the raise. See what his/her immediate feedback is and if they’re on the same page.
  • Be open to negotiation. They may be able to offer you something else besides money. Extra vacation and other benefits.
  • Be patient and prepared. Raises don’ t happen overnight. Also don’t be offended if you get any push back. There are a lot of reasons why the raise won’ t be able to happen at that time.

Have you ever asked for a raise?

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