Practice the Act of Gratitude

It’s been quite the week – after several events it feels like a full month has gone by. Since I can’t make time stop, I’m trying to practice gratitude more and more. Specifically, saying three things each morning or night to myself that I’m thankful for in my life. The key is to be not too general, and try to say three new things every time. For example, today my three things were:

  • I am thankful that I can finally sit down in a comfy chair after four days of events
  • I am grateful for the positive attitude my teams brought to our work this week
  • I’m thankful for my mom’s helpful advice and loving attention during times of stress (sometimes she’s my voice of reason in the crazy world that is PR)

I encourage you to try it this week. What are you grateful for?



Skill to Conquer: Trust Yourself

Life isn't meant to be easy,it's meant to be LIVED.Sometimes good,other times rough.But with every ups and downs,you learn lessons that make you STRONG.

One of the skills I’m working on with myself is learning to trust myself. In my job, a lot goes on at once all of the time. So much multi-tasking and multi-thinking that sometimes I find myself running on autopilot. That’s because I have some experience behind me and I can feel confident in my decisions in the office without thinking too much about it.

It’s out in the “real world” that I want to tune into my gut a bit more. While I think I’ve made some pretty good decisions in the past – moving to the West Village, leaving my big agency job 3 1/2 years ago, upgrading to Spotify Premium – as life goes on you begin to see some big steps ahead. Instead of tripping out over what might be down the road, I’m trying to get center and work on my relationship with me.

Here are some ways you can tune in with your own instincts:

Talk it out – Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us. We can build up a situation in our head, and it turns into something that is not at all reality. As you’re trying to figure out your bearings, share any concerns with trusted friends or peers. They’ll be able to reflect back to you any ridiculousness you might have convinced yourself of, but also pinpoint where you are right on

Take time to reflect – When making any kind of decision, even if it’s where to go for lunch, take a beat and remember how it feels when you make a good decision and when you make a bad one (for example, when you go for the dry toast and egg whites at brunch instead of the pumpkin pancakes). Learning your reaction to those little good and bad moments will help you develop your intuition. Your gut will start speaking to you (if you’re still deciding on pancakes, it might really talk to you)

Listen to your true voice, but not your fear - Some speak of intuition like a true calling or bell ringing, and there is certainly a difference between your intuition and the voice of fear. Fear will make you anxious, nervous, and unsure. Your intuition will always be a confident voice, and your next action will be clear. While it might take a couple days for your true voice to come through, it always does. If you’re unsure about a situation or a decision, don’t act just yet. Take some time for yourself. The answer will present itself.

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Must Have Fall Shoes


Adrianna and I are doing a little bit of shopping this weekend, I couldn’t be more excited. Fall shopping is probably my most favorite, because it means lots of layers and fun new trends to experiment with. My biggest focus might be my shoe collection, because it seriously needs an update. Here is what I’ll be looking for…

I am glad the strappy sandal trend is still going. I love this look! I’ll be going for something in a classy-sexy print like leopard or an intricate design.

Fun pumps are a must for fall to add some interest to your outfit. I like these and these.

Black, classic booties are a must do, and can take you from an office meeting with a skirt or dress to a night on the town in jeans. These celebrity picks from Fergie’s line and Kristin Cavallari are affordable and unique.



In the PR world, it’s easy to have a sense of FOMO at the drop of a hat – aka, the Fear Of Missing Out. Being entrenched with the media, your eyes are consistently perusing over social posts featuring a fabulous fashion blogger who is on a press trip in Italy or a makeup brand who is hosting a party in Meatpacking District. If you’re still in school, you may be exposed to FOMO in more professional ways – as you see your classmates begin internships or Finance majors offered jobs at the beginning of the year. You sense that you’re missing out on something, and not sure how or why but you want to keep up.

But like the GIF of beautiful LC above, FOMO can turn you sad and lonely. Instead of getting a plan in place and working for your own goals, you’re working on keeping up with Joneses. Our only advice – don’t. There is no point. 

Especially during this week when there are Fashion Week shows, new internships starting, weddings, and too many activities to keep track of, try to bring yourself back to your own passions. Life is full of more opportunities than you know, and they are all just for you! Be open to receiving your own exciting experiences, and they will come your way in a flash.

Just remember – no fomo.

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