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It's a New Day, a New Month, a New Year-Rife with possibilities!! Let's participate in paying Positivity forward.  What could it possibly hurt?!

Wish I had some exciting things to report today, but I really don’t! The past  month, Adrianna and I have been up to our eyeballs in new business opportunities and job responsibilities. With a crazy winter that didn’t want to let up, the office took control. The weekends have been necessary for relaxing and recuperating. Admittedly, the blog took a backseat.

However, it has been so heartwarming to continue to receive emails and see that you are still using the site as a resource for your career. We would love to hear what you all have coming up (it’s almost time for the summer internship/post-grad job search!), and are here to help out. In the meantime, here are a few things I’m looking forward to over the next few weeks:

Changing out my wardrobe – This weekend, I pushed all my heavy sweaters to the back of my closet in an act of defiance, and brought out lighter tops, cardigans, and skirts. What I did realize is that in my purging-decluttering phase early this year after my S.O. moved in, I got rid of a lot of spring and summer clothes as well. Good thing, because my tastes have changed. Bad thing, because I need to make some budget changes to shop. Old Navy and J. Crew Factory are having great deals on spring staples now, if you’re in the same boat.

More do-able schedule – As evidenced by the lack of posts for almost a month, my to-do list got out of hand in February. A lot of this had to do with rearranging priorities and trying to make time for myself among the responsibilities of my job. I’ve now joined a gym that is right next to my apartment so I can easily work out for just 20-30 minutes without a fuss, I’ve made habit of going “big” grocery shopping for the week, once a week, via Instacart, and I make sure I do something fun, mindless, and new (like watch a movie on the couch or play Candy Crush) for at least an hour each night. Even popping in a new film I haven’t seen before helps me feel better about ending my day than watching reruns of Modern Family for the bazillionth time.

Working on my work habits – Since my job is still going through the ups and downs of the new year, this is a great time to be working on my overall career skills. The biggest one for me is time management. I’m the worst procrastinator, but I’ve been learning a way to organize my day so I can feel relaxed while I go through my work.

Anything you want some help on in the career, life, or fashion department? We’re here to help (again!). Missed you guys! Xo



Many of you may have noticed we haven’t been posting as much on the blog. Adrianna and I are in the middle of some craziness with work – and that has to take a front seat for the time being. We will continue to update when we can and share news on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to keep following for more.


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Surviving NYC Winter

We are in the thick of it now – New York City Winter. While March is only 10 days away, this chill is showing no signs of letting up. There are boulders of ice covered with slushy mush and the wind will whip your fox-fur hood right off you. It’s not my favorite time of year by any means.

The good news is, spring is SO close. Just a few weeks left and we can make plans for spring break and summer concerts. In the meantime, here are a few ways I like to get through the brutal NYC winter:

Stay inside – Duh. But I don’t mean hole up in your apartment for days on end with Netflix. Find a place with a fireplace or a coffee shop with cozy couches where you can read and enjoy the afternoon pass by.

Find a few events to look forward to – I made a huge deal of Valentine’s this year because at least it was a huge-heart-filled-holiday to break up the bleak winter week. You can also find a local concert, an art exhibit, or host a dinner party. Anything to give you something to look forward to.

Get organized – When the weather is beautiful, I rarely want to spend time in my apartment organizing my things. So take advantage of the heat blasting and flannel pj’s to clean out your closet. This winter I’ve donated about 3 trashbags of clothes and completely revamped my bathroom.

Day dream with Pinterest – Whether it’s your secret wedding board or your dream apartment, get on Pinterest and shamelessly look for everything from a new couch, curtains, barns with chandeliers in them – whatever floats your boat. I do some of my best design day dreaming in the winter.

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The Unexpected Elements of PR

“Great thanks for packing all that up! Now move it.”

While some parts of the public relations career are what you would (stereotypically) expect – parties! dinners! free stuff! Fashion Week! glamour! – there are still a lot of things that go on in the background that people like to not mention. Since it is Fashion Week and I have a large event corresponding with a certain, sexy movie launch tonight, I thought I would share some of the unexpected qualities of a PR career that you can expect to find at any level.

Physical Labor – Day one, you will carry something that probably isn’t safe for you to carry in heels. 7 years later you will still find yourself at Home Depot hauling potted trees to style a space or carrying moving boxes 3 blocks in 9 degree weather to move gift bags from your office to event location. Just this week one of the partners of the agency was moving new furniture into the office to prep for a new business pitch. The physical labor element of PR never ends.

Mindless Work – There will be hours spent on excel. Hours. There will be days stuffing gift bags and creative deliveries. You will need to attend meetings with new clients that will feel like your AP Bio class. There is some mindless work with every job, but in PR it definitely pops up on a weekly basis.

Negotiator/Mediator – You will throw ice water on too many hot situations, mostly heated by emotions and hurt feelings. Whether it’s with co-workers, vendors, or clients, you will need to talk people down. Clients will call you ready to scream and you’ll have to put on your sweetest voice and explain the situation calmly and take care of too many small things so they feel good. And flowers always help.

Customer Service – Someone will have a problem with a product and it will be your fault. You’ll need to be the middle man between the brand and this consumer. You’ll need to make sure she is taken care of and it never happens again. You’ll need to answer the queries on Facebook about why the brand isn’t taking care of an issue, and you will do it with pizzazz.

There are many others… what other unexpected elements of PR have you seen?

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