Take A Chance

As we say goodbye to 2011, I must also bid adieu.  It has been a blast being able to blog and work alongside two of my favorite PR mavens and all around classy broads, Meg and Adrianna. Although this is my last post on NYC PR Girls, I know I leave you all in the most capable of hands.

So, in my last post, I would like to leave you all with a little bit more background on myself and my NYC PR girl journey. I did not major in PR, nor did I have any prior PR experience when I bought a one way ticket to the Big Apple and moved over a thousand miles away from the only home I’d ever known. You can only imagine the curious looks I received in proudly declaring to all I knew, that this Sunshine State native would be moving to New York, in mid January, on literally nothing but a dream. Since childhood, I had daydreamed about living in the city that never sleeps, but the further I grew into adulthood the less likely it seemed. Until one day, I decided to take a chance.

To make a long story short, I moved to New York knowing I was interested in public relations, but like many, not entirely sure of what a position in PR entailed. After speaking with a relative who worked in the field, also in Manhattan, I knew NYC would be the perfect city to test my media skills. Though I wasn’t entirely certain I could land a job in PR  I had no doubt that I wanted to be a part of it  – New York, NY.

So like the practical individual that I am, I quit my job (my very secure job) in Florida and took a temporary job in NYC as a nanny in the Upper West Side. With a college degree and years of work experience, I never thought I would find myself changing diapers and monitoring play dates.  However, after merely two months of nannying and thanks to a connection through the lovely woman I worked as a nanny for, I landed a coveted position as an intern at a top agency in Manhattan. Two years later I am a public relations professional with a New York City address. My daydreams became a reality.

And with that, I leave you with my final parting words: take chances. Take a chance on the bright red lipstick you didn’t think you could pull off, take a chance in submitting your resume to that position posted on Media Bistro that seems unattainable, take a chance on the boy you think of as “just a friend”.  Take a chance on your dreams. Take a chance on yourself. If you make one resolution for 2012, let that be it.


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Holiday PRoductivity

November was, without a doubt, the busiest month I have had all year. Coming into December things started to calm down and this week has brought a lull with the approaching Holidays. It is alway nice to catch your breath, and these next few days are still winding down considerably as colleagues and editors are starting to put on their out of office replies.

Even though you are finding yourself free to actually take a lunch break this week, it is important to stay in tip-top PR shape and not become slack as you’ll need to arrive back from the holidays ready to concur a 2012. After all, a PR girls work is never done. Here are some tips to staying productive these next few days, even though your office may feel slightly vacant.

Take a moment to catch your breath, then be proactive, be productive

Professional Development – I’m lucky that my office has a great procedure in place for professional development. I meet with my supervisor twice a month to discuss my professional growth. Unfortunately, these meetings can occasionally become secondary to deadlines and urgent client requests. This week though, with less of a work load, we’ve set aside time to discuss the year in-depth and what my expectations are for the 2012. If your office does not have something like this in place, it doesn’t mean you can’t initiate a type of mentor program or development discussion of your own. I strongly encourage you to set aside some time this week to develop your professional growth.

Take A Break – It is a rare day that you may actually be away from your desk with enough time to even run to your local lunch haunt and grab a bite. This week, take some time to actually go to lunch and invite a colleague or professional contact. Use this opportunity to further develop relationships you have with your colleagues who may even work on different business than your own. Though many editors are off this week too, no harm in reaching out to a media contact and asking them to lunch or coffee as they could be experiencing a light week as well.

Get Personal – You are still conducting business as usual and attending weekly meetings. Don’t be afraid to extend your meeting ten to fifteen minutes and end it with asking your team members what their holiday plans are. It’s crazy how little you may actually know about the people you work so closely with on a daily basis. You could find that a colleague and yourself have more in common than you realized. Don’t be afraid to open up, but remember to maintain a level of professionalism.

Update Documents  – Take productivity to a whole new level and contribute to updating your teams master media list and shared documents. Typically, we have our new interns revisit our master media lists as a sort of initiation to both Cision and team contacts. However, it never hurts to revisit them yourself and update our own personal documents as well. For instance, when was the last time you took a look at your professional bio? You should be revisiting your bio and resume at least every six months to keep them up to date with your latest achievements.


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Pick of the Week: BeneFit’s High Beam

With all those holiday parties you have in the works, you really want to shine. I’ve been weary of a highlighter product, but was looking for something that would give me a radiant glow, without looking like a disco ball or outshining my Christmas tree.

A lovely sales gal at Sephora introduced me to BeneFit’s High Beam liquid highlighter and I’m simply beaming. My complextion now looks dewy and radiant! Just dab the liquid highlighter on your cheekbones give you a natural afterglow. The  pearlescent  sheen makes you appear more awake and will have you beaming with holiday cheer. I have actually rotated this product into my everyday beauty routine as it’s subtle enough to wear everyday.

With this PR girls hectic holiday schedule, beauty sleep isn’t an option so having a product that can keep me looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is a serious plus! If you don’t already use Benefit’s High Beam I suggest run to your nearest Sephora and try it for yourself, or slip it into a fellow PR girls stocking this holiday.

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Office Holiday Gift Etiquette

For many of you this may be your first holiday working in a big girl job. The social environment of  work places can vary, as every office has a unique culture in and of itself. However, in general there are certain protocol and procedures that are in place from the most mundane of days to special occasions like holidays and holiday gifting.

From partaking in your office holiday gift exchange to wanting to send a little holiday cheer to your coworkers, here are the Do’s and Don’ts of holiday gifting in the work place:

Holiday Gift Etiquette Do’s

  • Leave a Holiday card in each of your team members mail box
  • Chip in as a team on a Starbucks gift card for your boss
  • Leave a surprise holiday treat on your work confidants desk (you wouldn’t have made it through the year without them)
  • Abide by the holiday gift limit for the office Secret Santa exchange
  • Treat your intern to a coffee or cupcake break

Holiday Gift Etiquette Don’ts

  • Send a Christmas card to your jewish colleague (and vice versa)
  • Give unexpected lavish gifts to co-workers (you brown noser, you)
  • Forget to buy your assigned work Secret Santa a gift
  • Disburse your holiday cards the day before the holiday. Aim to deliver them a week prior, keeping in mind many people take off for an extended holiday vacation
  • Send your intern out to do your holiday shopping


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