Five Times Interns Should Speak Up

A common questions amongst interns happens to be when it’s appropriate to speak up. Many interns get super quiet and tend to be shy when involved in meetings, brainstorms and events. Here are five definite times your colleagues want to hear from you.

When Interns Should Speak Up


  • During the job interview. Voice what your true interests are and what you would like to learn throughout the internship.
  • Within team meetings. Bring up some of your past experiences or insights that could better the team.
  • During office brainstorms. Your thoughts in brainstorms are gold considering your demographic is much younger than a majority of the office.
  • At work events. Staffed to attend an event? Don’t be shy if you’re stationed at check-in or mingling around the party.
  • At office get togethers. If you’re invited to “happy hour” after work with a coworker, go. And show your personality.

When else should interns speak up?

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Office Holiday Protocol

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, end of year recaps and drinking and eating excessively. With the holiday break right around the corner, here is some holiday office protocol to follow.

Office Holiday Protocol

  • Have fun at your holiday party, but not too much fun. Aka don’t blackout and regret something the next day.
  • Avoid coming into the office hungover. You may set yourself back a few days and have to work over the break.
  • Give small gifts. To your coworkers, such as a note, cookies or desk accessories. Even better, bake cookies for the office.
  • Send the office schedule to the client. Let them know exactly when the office will be open/closed but note that you’ll be available over email/phone.
  • Start pulling your end of year recaps NOW. Don’t leave them until last minute.
  • Leave your online holiday shopping for at home. You’ll get too wrapped into it at work (pun intended).
  • Wish your clients a happy holidays. Before leaving the office for good.
  • Don’t disappear over the break. We all know PR never stops. Be prepared for client requests that could come through.
  • Use the holidays to unwind. And be thankful for all that you have.

What are some other office holiday protocols?

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From the Inbox: Jump-starting in High School

Hi M and A!

I’m a junior in high school and starting to think about the future. Do you have any tips as to what a high school student can do to increase her chances of doing well in the PR world in the future? What classes/electives I should take? Also, I would like to get a summer internship this summer but would any companies hire a high school student?

The High School Hare

Young woman studying and drinking coffee

We receive this question often from high school students and it’s wonderful that so many of you are looking to get a head start. While there isn’t a ton you can do in high school to prep for the PR world, definitely consider taking writing classes and leadership roles in organizations. Also continue researching colleges that have PR as a major. It isn’t imperative you choose PR as your major, but anything related, such as communications or journalism, is helpful.

It’s definitely early to start applying for internships and landing a summer internship – most places only hire college students. However, now is the perfect time to start researching your “dream” agency and internship goals once you start college.

Best of luck,

Xo A

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PR Twitter Tips: November 2014

We’re finally in the last month of the year and to say it went by quickly is an understatement. Here are some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips from the month of November. Thanks to all that tweeted.


: Appreciate the power of the followup.

: Remember not to burn out. Take time for yourself. You’re not good to anyone if you’re a hot mess!

: Some people will forget to thank you, but that doesn’t make your presence any less important.

: Don’t pitch a product by telling them about the other sites that already covered it. So it’s not news, then?

: Avoid the grey areas. Make it your business to be a fluid communicator.

: Reporters want news, not fluff. Keep press releases short and to the point.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @nycprgirls for more #PR101.


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