From the Inbox: Jump-starting in High School

Hi M and A!

I’m a junior in high school and starting to think about the future. Do you have any tips as to what a high school student can do to increase her chances of doing well in the PR world in the future? What classes/electives I should take? Also, I would like to get a summer internship this summer but would any companies hire a high school student?

The High School Hare

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We receive this question often from high school students and it’s wonderful that so many of you are looking to get a head start. While there isn’t a ton you can do in high school to prep for the PR world, definitely consider taking writing classes and leadership roles in organizations. Also continue researching colleges that have PR as a major. It isn’t imperative you choose PR as your major, but anything related, such as communications or journalism, is helpful.

It’s definitely early to start applying for internships and landing a summer internship – most places only hire college students. However, now is the perfect time to start researching your “dream” agency and internship goals once you start college.

Best of luck,

Xo A

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PR Twitter Tips: November 2014

We’re finally in the last month of the year and to say it went by quickly is an understatement. Here are some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips from the month of November. Thanks to all that tweeted.


: Appreciate the power of the followup.

: Remember not to burn out. Take time for yourself. You’re not good to anyone if you’re a hot mess!

: Some people will forget to thank you, but that doesn’t make your presence any less important.

: Don’t pitch a product by telling them about the other sites that already covered it. So it’s not news, then?

: Avoid the grey areas. Make it your business to be a fluid communicator.

: Reporters want news, not fluff. Keep press releases short and to the point.

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What I Actually Missed About Work

Last week, I had an extremely relaxing and enjoyable vacation in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I had little to no Wifi access, so most of my time was spent laying out on the beach and drinking Pina Coladas. When I arrived back to work yesterday everyone was saying, “you must be so sad to be back.” Actually, I was happy and excited to be back. Weird? Apparently so. Here a few things I missed about work last week.

Wish You Were Here

  • Getting dressed in the morning knowing a fabulous night was in the works later on.
  • Morning coffee talk with the gals in the office.
  • My boss checking in on me every hour.
  • Being in the know of everything happening in the world.
  • Feeling fully accomplished when getting tasks done.
  • Team meetings and being up to speed.
  • The rush of a great placement.
  • SoulCycle classes with my favorite editors.
  • Venting to my coworkers about everything.

Do you ever miss work?

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From the Inbox: English Is My Second Language


I am writing this e-mail to you girls to ask a specific question about public relations. As a French student who is strongly interested in this industry – I would love to work in entertainment PR in an English-speaking country or foreign country – I would like your thoughts on being a French-speaking PR girl in an English-speaking country. Would you say there are jobs/internships opportunities for people whose mother tongue is not English even though they speak it fluently?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my question.

-Lost in Translation


Without a doubt, 100% there are plenty of job/internship opportunities for you. Speaking another language is something that is glorified in the this industry – not looked at as a downfall. Make sure to spotlight this on your resume, along with any other languages you’re able to speak. Depending on the clients you get involved with, this can be seen as a major asset. Continue to work on your English writing throughout the rest of school. Besides verbal communication, writing is one of the most important aspects of our industry.

Best of luck, and don’t let this discourage you from anything.

Xo, A

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