Behold, the Power of Google

At nyc PR girls we get a lot of great questions in our mailbox. We are happy to help each and every one of you, and we hope that you dig through our blog and the internet and help yourselves as well! Sometimes, we get a fun question like “where should I apply for jobs?” or “how do I get started?” That’s when I want to say something like “Honey, let me google that for you.”

For questions like these, the answers are almost never ending. It is up to you guys to find the path that works for you. But an amazing tool at your disposal?



I’d like to consider myself a Google master (I once found a link for my mom to purchase a vintage Whirly Bird under three minutes. You’re welcome), but it really isn’t that hard to use the search engine to your best advantage. Google is much smarter than any of us may realize. So smart it can translate your forgetful brain into exactly the result you were looking for. So whether you have a project for school, work or are beginning your job search, Google should be your first stop.

Some hints:

Type into the search bar EXACTLY what you’re thinking – Can’t remember the name of a job search engine or book that a friend recommended, but you can recall some random details? I’ve found what I’m looking for by literally typing “Job search engine with an i” or “Song in Geico commercial with man made of money.” Google reads your mind, but only if you put it in the search bar

Google will answer your questions – Need to know what time it is in Los Angeles? Google knows. Looking to start your fashion pr career? Ask Google directly. Using a full question usually gets me the best results. If it doesn’t pop up with the answer Siri-style, it will provide several sources that you can read to have a broad understanding of the topic. Which leads me to…

Google will narrow your search – The internet is a wormhole of information. If you read one article on consumer PR or best pitch practices, and it sparks an idea, make sure to google your next thought. As you tighten up your question and receive better information, you’ll soon be researching rather than just reading. And that is really the difference between a PR girl and your average Jane. PR peeps do their due diligence always


Girls (and boys), Google will save you.


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