Benefits of the NYC Office

Last week, I had the opportunity to work out of my  company’s San Francisco office. This wasn’t the first time I’d worked in an office outside of Manhattan, but afterwards I  couldn’t help but think to myself about the many perks that come along with working in NYC, particularly in PR.

  • Media Outside your Door: Does X magazine need samples ASAP? Send a messenger and the editor will have them immediately.
  • Long-lead Editor Access: Similar to the above, media relationships are crucial and working NYC you can forge personal relationships with long-lead magazine editors by meeting them at editor events and taking them out  for lunch.
  • Unlimited Events: Living in any city, it is what you make it but in NYC, the number of events and networking opportunities are endless. Looking at event listing and free things to do, this city is a playground, particularly for those interested in fashion and entertainment.
  • Walk Everywhere: In need of supplies? Extra product?  Walk down the street to find anything that you need.
  • Nom Nom’s: This may just be the fat kid in me, but no matter where you are in the city there are plenty of places to simply walk outside and grab breakfast and lunch. A luxury we often take advantage of.

What are some other benefits of working in a NYC office?

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