Calming PR Girl Nerves

While earlier this week we told you how to conquer job hunt jitters with a few precautions, there are several things that can pop up in a PR Girl’s day that can drive her up a wall with nervousness: an important brainstorm, a high-pressure meeting with a supervisor, a new business presentation, an editor event… the list goes on and on.  Instead of tearing your hear out or tearing your insides apart with too much bad coffee, here are a few things you can do to calm those PR Girl nerves.

  • Take a walk around the block – just  a few minutes of fresh air can do the brain good
  • Ask a colleague to go to a juice bar or new cupcake shop – doing something new or something you’ve wanted to do for a while will help your mind relax, and look forward to something else
  • If you have time, get a blow out – We’re lucky that we have Dry Bar near our office, but getting my hair done always puts my mind at ease. If you have 30 minutes and they have an appointment, go for it
  •  Sephora – I’m a beauty girl. It’s my business, and it’s my passion. Sephora easily distracts me like candy with a baby. Any other favorite store will do
  • Magazine monitoring – If you can’t get out of the office, browse through a magazine or online for competitor or industry news
  • Breathe – This one is always hard to remember. If you’re in an office and can close your door and do some downward dogs, that’s best. If you just need to go outside the office and take a few deep breaths


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