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From one of our favorite fashion blogs, Vanilla Extract, comes your must-have scarf list for winter 2015:





I see Scarves Anonymous in my future, guys. I hardly ever leave the house without one (see Instagram). A scarf is by far the easiest and most affordable way to change up your winter look. Whether you wrap that baby around your neck or your body like I often do, one thing is for certain: bigger is better this season.

I’ve been buying so many scarves lately that I decided to compile 12 of my favorites for you.. or for gifts! I mean, I certainly wouldn’t mind receiving a few more…

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Money Can’t Buy You Happiness… But It Can Buy That Mascara

This post speaks to something that has been on my mind for a little while now. When I moved, I convinced myself that I didn’t need to spend money on any luxuries, because my apartment was my ultimate luxury. A couple months down the line, I felt a little worn out, a little lack luster, and not feeling very special – mainly because I wasn’t treating myself at the end of a long work week or before a hot date. I realized that while I had the right sentiment, it’s less a dependence on acquiring money to make you happy, more about the investment in yourself to make you feel at your best.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spoil yourself a little, especially in your 20’s before you have a family or a retirement plan to fund. The key is to find your priorities – what makes you most happy? And this can change from time to time. Just after college, it was important for me to have money for travel and socializing. Now, I would rather pamper myself with makeup, a facial, and a good bottle of wine. Here are a few things I think are worth the dollah bills, and not worth the guilt.

Massages/Facials/Spa Treatment: I struggled with acne back and forth since I was about 16. I tried all the infomercial remedies, had some luck, then got back into the fight in my mid-20’s. Giving in (and then loving) seasonal facials is what saved me. Not only is it a chance to clear all the gunk out of your skin, but your esthetician can give you extremely useful tips for your skin type, since they are literally looking at your skin under a light and magnifying glass. Same goes for massages.

Makeup: For too long I have lived on bare bones makeup samples from my color cosmetics days. There are a few high-end products I have found and repurchased on my own, but it’s about time I experimented with a few different products and found a few different go-to-looks that are unique to me. If you’re in the same boat but don’t want to drop your rent at Sephora, try

Shoes: Being in New York and walking every where, my shoes get destroyed. Since I don’t have the money to Uber all day long, it’s silly to try to invest in Monolos and keep them clean. However, it is worth the investment to find a mid-price boot, flat, and heel to last a couple seasons. They’re tougher than the cheaper brands.

Boutique Workout Classes: I’ve raved about all the cheap fitness options in the city, and I still believe it’s not entirely worth it to splurge on a crazy expensive gym membership. If you’ve had a rough day, there’s nothing like a SoulCycle or yoga class to chill you out and lift your butt. Even if you go once every 2 weeks, you’re still going on the cheap vs. purchasing a 5pack for 45 days.


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Fashion Friday: Digital Florals






Stealing once again from one of our favorite fashion blogs, Vanilla Extract:

I’ve been admiring digital prints for a while now, always searching for unique pieces that align with my style. The majority of digital prints I’ve come across have either been too expensive or too bold for my liking. Boo!

When Kingdom & State launched their fall collection with this floral jacket, I was just like “Oh, the hunt is over!” The florals give it that feminine feel, but the style of the jacket keeps it from being too girly. I’d say it strikes the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. There’s even a matching skirt on the site if you want to double down on your digital prints.

You can find Nichole’s killer bomber jacket and other styles at Kingdom & State here.

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Must Have Fall Shoes


Adrianna and I are doing a little bit of shopping this weekend, I couldn’t be more excited. Fall shopping is probably my most favorite, because it means lots of layers and fun new trends to experiment with. My biggest focus might be my shoe collection, because it seriously needs an update. Here is what I’ll be looking for…

I am glad the strappy sandal trend is still going. I love this look! I’ll be going for something in a classy-sexy print like leopard or an intricate design.

Fun pumps are a must for fall to add some interest to your outfit. I like these and these.

Black, classic booties are a must do, and can take you from an office meeting with a skirt or dress to a night on the town in jeans. These celebrity picks from Fergie’s line and Kristin Cavallari are affordable and unique.