How to Keep Your Brain Sane During Fashion Week

As M mentioned, this week marks the start of New York Fashion Week and mayhem of your job is likely amped up. We’ve written about how to survive and prep for Fashion Week, but here are a few pointers on how to keep your brain sane.

anna wintour

  • Write everything down. Have your notebook with you so you can check all of the boxes of your to-do list.
  • Stay hydrated/full. If you’re starving and thirsty the whole time, your mood will instantly change.
  • Make time to work out. Sign up for a class or go for a run. You’re likely to stay more committed if you do something with friends.
  • Put down your phone 30 minutes before going to sleep. Give yourself a little down time.
  • Get a good sleep. Sleep in an extra 20 minutes if you can. Every minute of sleep counts.
  • Stay organized. Pack for the day ahead of time so you don’t forget any of the essentials. Extra pair of flats, charger, water bottle, etc.
  • Keep positive. Which M outlined yesterday – super important.
  • Don’t overdo it. Yes there are a million shows and events, but don’t put pressure on yourself to go to everything. There’s always next season.
  • Have fun. Yes, working late nights and on the weekends isn’t ideal. But remember that this is NYFW. And it’s so worth it.

How do you stay sane through all the mayhem of Fashion Week?

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Skill to Conquer: Beauty Look for the Office


I have just recently become somewhat confident in my makeup skills. After testing lots of foundations, powders, blushes and eye shadows… I think I’ve come down to my signature daily office look. The main things that concern me are as follows: longevity (has to last more than 4-6 hours), color pigment (especially under harsh office lights), and quality (if I’m applying something every day, it better not make me break out). Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – After finding out that this is a favorite of Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere and Kat Tanita, it was a must try. Lasts all day when you use your favorite primer. Looks fabulous in photos
  2. Armani Maestro Concealer – I use this concealer all over. It’s best for under eye, but one drop covers the bags, the redness around my nose, and any small blemishes
  3. Clè de Peau Beautè Concealer – If you can suck up the pricetag, it’s worth the spend. Gives a flawless, airbrushed look. Best for blemishes
  4. Revlon Colorstay Powder – No need to go crazy for powder. This Revlon product seriously keeps me looking oil-free all day long. Even keeps make up in place during post-work workouts
  5. Le Metier de Beaute Bronzer – One of my favorite bronzers of all time. Now that we’re getting into fall, will be using less but still need some around the cheeks and hairline after foundation
  6. Benefit Benetint – Perfect for work because it can be used as a lip or cheek stain. Does not budge
  7. Nars Orgasm Blush – A timeless classic that fits all skintones
  8. Anastasia Brow Powder – Brows are a MUST. I don’t know how I ever did NOT pay attention to brows. Anastasia is the best brand for brow products
  9. Urban Decay Naked Basics – A classic colors palette in muted browns and neutrals is best for the office
  10. Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara – This never flakes on me. NEVER. Trust this mascara
  11. Rose Salve – I rarely wear lip color in the office, but my lips get super dry in the AC or heat. Rose Salve is a savior


Full list of favorite products below!



Pack Me Up

Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender Bag

Sharing the latest from one of our favorite blogs, Vanilla Extract (who recently got a killer makeover). Today, it’s all about packing for that weekend getaway…

I used to be the girl who waited until the very last second to pack, throwing absolutely anything (and everything) into my bag. Once I got to my destination and sorted through the mess, I was either missing a crucial article of clothing or putting outfits together that just weren’t me. 99 problems, I tell ya, and I was all of them. I finally decided to put a system into place so I could be stress free and enjoy my vacation.

Step 1: Make a List and check it twice

About a week prior to a trip, I start making lists. I actually have an excel spreadsheet that I follow, which includes the usual suspects that I can forget (everything from socks to tylenol). Then, I begin listing out outfit ideas based on what we have planned. I always figure two outfits per day and typically break the list down as follows: Friday Day/Friday Night/Saturday Day/Saturday Night – you catch my drift.

Step 2: Plan all outfits

Some outfits seem so good in my head, but when I try them on they don’t always translate. This is when I try on everything I’ve written down and make adjustments. I literally plan the outfit out as if it’s the day I’m wearing it – shoes, accessories, hair, the whole bit. I snap a quick photo of each look so I can refer back to it, if necessary. That way, I’m spending next to no time in front of the mirror while I’m on vacation and soaking up every last bit of whatever city we’re visiting.

Lo & Sons Catalina Weekender Bag

Step 3: Pack it up, pack it in

I burrito roll everything. It’s a major space saver. Like, maaaajor. You’ll never pack folded clothes again. You’ll be able to pack so much more and avoid annoying fold lines in the process. When it comes to shoes, I always back them in dust bags. My Catalina bag from Lo & Sons has a bottom zipper pocket perfect for shoes. Beach towels and toiletries also work in this pocket. Then, once on vacay, I use the pocket at a place to store dirty clothes. No cross contamination up in here. I keep jewelry pretty low-key when traveling.  I prefer dainty pieces because they’re light and ty[ically work with any outfit.  All pieces get packed into cloth bags.

Step 4: Add in last minute items

All makeup and toiletries get packed last because I’m usually using them until we leave. I also check THE LIST again – chargers, cameras, computer, phones, and a good attitude to name a few.

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What to Wear When: You’re On A Corporate Interview

As a follow up to my creative agency interview post, we need to discuss what to wear on a more conservative interview. These can be a bit tricky. The worst thing you can do on your first corporate interview (besides chew gum or let your *Nsync ringtone play full blast) is try to ignore your personality or appear drab when you present yourself. While you may want to be more polished and less modish, that doesn’t mean you need to hold back who you are. Here are a few of my favorite pieces for the more conservative meeting, along with tips to remember when dressing: corporate I rarely wear slacks, so you’ll never see me put them on for an interview. Most important to me is to have great classic items that can mix together in any which way. A dress, whether it’s solid or patterned, is a must-have. Cannot go wrong with a wrap dress. I prefer darker colors here as they are universally flattering. A pencil skirt is another great option. Rather than a two-piece skirt suit (who wears those?) I would pair a patterned skirt with a solid blazer (like this one too) and a blouse or shirt.

As for accessories, you can have one playful item that adds a little something to the outfit – whether that’s a chunky necklace or a collection of bangles and bracelets. Avoid neon colors. Shoes should be a solid pump, no toes showing (check the tips and make sure these are clean!). I like a classic black bag too. No matter your outfit, a trench coat is the perfect topper for the professional outfit. I like this one.

As these are very basic, clean-cut clothes, fit is incredibly important. Do not wear pants that are not hemmed, skirts that tug or hang loose, or dresses that do nothing for you. The key here is figure flattering, not “what is the most professional thing my mother purchased for me last Christmas” (only saying that because I’ve been there). If you don’t have any items in your closet that do not fit you and you need to make a purchase, I would recommend buying one great professional dress and a perfect-fitting pencil skirt. You can mix the skirts with any tops you wish, and the dress is a great item to wear to all of your first interviews.

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