From The Inbox: Post Grad Internships?

Hi Lindsey ,

I’m in a pickle and need some PR advice. I recently graduated in May and have yet to find a career in PR. I held two internships during my time at school, one which was in marketing and one which was in PR. Now that I have graduated and have no job in PR, I am currently working at a gym. My question to you is do you think that I should apply to internships to get

more experience since I’m not hearing back from jobs? One of my teachers told me that graduates should never apply to internships, but I am trying to do whatever will help me get a career.

I know it seems like the process is taking forever and it’s really discouraging not hearing back but really don’t give up. A little different but when I was applying for an internship, I literally applied to 115 one summer and heard back from 10 so know that a ton of people are in your boat.

However, I’m really impressed that you took a job you could get in the mean time to keep life moving! With that being said, are there any skills that you could put on your resume that you are learning for that job and if not, are there ways to ask your manager about taking on new responsibilities that would help build up your resume?

You also are doing totally fine with two internships. Have you kept in touch with the connections you made there and are they local? If they are, you can always politely reach back out to catch up and grab coffee!

I want to agree with your teacher on graduates should never apply to internships but the way the world works makes that not always the case. I can list a ton of companies that have post-grad interns. If you find a company and you want to get your foot in the door, see if they take post-grad interns and get the ball rolling.

Otherwise, I would take the step of reaching out to companies you are interested by finding someone who works there on LinkedIn or just cold calling. Making connections will always help because if they can’t help you, they might know someone who can!

Best of luck! x


Must Reads

Every day on the subway I am possibly the one person without headphones in. Crazy? Probably. But I do absolutely love the (mostly) quiet time I get to just be with no service and a good book. Each day on the 4 or 5 train I take out my iPad and read! It is my favorite thing to do at the beginning and end of each work day as it is not only an escape but it is also a great way to get ready for the day and wind down. With that being said, here is my list of MUST reads:

Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes: Enough said. Anyone who loves TGIT almost as much as TGIF would love this book. Anyone who wants to reinvent themselves would love this book. And anyone who wants to be inspired from a #GIRLBOSS should read this book.

The Woman I Wanted To Be – Diane Von Furstenberg: This is a good every girl should read growing up. This book taught me a lot about myself while teaching me a lot about the values that I would want as a person.

The Defining Decade – Meg Jay: Also good for those growing up as this is all about taking the 20’s and making it matter. This to me was important as I was moving into an apartment right after graduation so reading how to make the most of the beginning of my career and being “an adult” really helped make the transition easier for me.

The Power Playbook – La La Anthony: I would recommend this book for those who are interested in building an empire or entertainment. Since I like the thought of both, it was perfect for me. I loved seeing the inside of how a celebrity built themselves up and it showed me that there is always another challenge to take on and there is always room to be grateful.

The Mailroom – David Rensin: Another one focused towards entertainment but good for EVERYONE who wants to learn the hardships of PR. Although this is very entertainment focused, it shows how not so glamorous each job that you didn’t even think was in your job description can be. It can help show people what could happen, although I promise that I have not dealt with as much as those who built Hollywood have!

And for my next book: Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges – Amy Cuddy. I so strongly believe in continuing to grow and I LOVE the idea of bringing my boldest self to all my biggest challenges.

Now you know my favorites, what are some of yours? x

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Surviving NYC Winter

We are in the thick of it now – New York City Winter. While March is only 10 days away, this chill is showing no signs of letting up. There are boulders of ice covered with slushy mush and the wind will whip your fox-fur hood right off you. It’s not my favorite time of year by any means.

The good news is, spring is SO close. Just a few weeks left and we can make plans for spring break and summer concerts. In the meantime, here are a few ways I like to get through the brutal NYC winter:

Stay inside – Duh. But I don’t mean hole up in your apartment for days on end with Netflix. Find a place with a fireplace or a coffee shop with cozy couches where you can read and enjoy the afternoon pass by.

Find a few events to look forward to – I made a huge deal of Valentine’s this year because at least it was a huge-heart-filled-holiday to break up the bleak winter week. You can also find a local concert, an art exhibit, or host a dinner party. Anything to give you something to look forward to.

Get organized – When the weather is beautiful, I rarely want to spend time in my apartment organizing my things. So take advantage of the heat blasting and flannel pj’s to clean out your closet. This winter I’ve donated about 3 trashbags of clothes and completely revamped my bathroom.

Day dream with Pinterest – Whether it’s your secret wedding board or your dream apartment, get on Pinterest and shamelessly look for everything from a new couch, curtains, barns with chandeliers in them – whatever floats your boat. I do some of my best design day dreaming in the winter.

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How Much Social Media is Too Much Social Media?


Social media – friend or foe? I often ask myself this question when I see couples on dates who are on their phones and not talking, or people who constantly upload their food pics to Facebook. However, I have to say I can fall victim to it too. Now that you can shop directly from Instagram, I constantly am flipping through photos and ordering random articles of clothing and jewelry that I find online. Now social media is right in my wallet – it’s getting personal!

I definitely do think there are positive elements to social media – it can become a community of positivity and a place to express yourself. But there are certainly some things to be weary of. Here is how you can be sure you’re staying in check:

Have one “personal” forum for all your check ins and pictures, keep the rest professional – I would recommend keeping Instagram as your personal social media page to keep up with friends, like photos and post pics. Strangers, employers, even your new boyfriend’s mom can you look you up on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep it clean, professional and courteous.

If you see a fight brewing, stay away – I honestly think internet trolls are just sad, but comments and Facebook status updates that are offensive or political are just asking for the trouble. Even if you feel like you want to “defend” someone or something, stay out of it. If its a friend of yours who you want to defend, send a text instead to let them know you have their back and not to listen to the haters. If it’s a random argument or you want to stand up for your beliefs, ignore. Join a group online and voice your opinions with like minded people instead.

Stay in the moment – Social media is great for staying connected, but ironically it can prohibit us from being social. Make sure your phone is put away while dining, driving and catching up with friends. Take photos of events once they start, then put the phone away so you can enjoy it with your own eyes, and not from behind your iPhone.