Skill to Conquer: Take Care of Yourself Like Your Momma Would

I thought I made the transition from high school to college, and then from college to the real world pretty seamlessly. I knew how to do laundry. I taught myself to cook. I could hang a picture frame, sew on a button and get myself from point A to point B in the safest way possible. But there are even more things to look out for when you’re out in the real world, that might not even occur to you. You may be running so fast in your too-busy-to-stop-and-smell-the-roses life that you can’t tell when something might be wrong or in need of attention.

Put down the tablet/phone/pumpkin spice latte, and give yourself a once over. Your mother would make sure you went to the dentist every six months, you looked healthy, and were eating well. Are you giving yourself the same care? While you may be kicking ass at work or in your personal life, you’ll be doing even better when you’re at the top of your game. Here are a few things to look for…

Overall Health – When was the last time you went to the doctor? Are you feeling bloated or sick often? Do you have the sniffles and blame it on allergies? Do you have a nagging pain in your tooth and try to ignore it? Time for an appointment!

Eat your Greens – Are you eating enough fresh, raw foods? Do you find yourself eating out most days of the week? What habits have you made with your eating that are good, and what are the bad? How can you adjust?

Say Ommm – When was the last time you took an afternoon to yourself? Need a little yoga, or a mani pedi? Any aches or pains that could be cured with a massage? What about a good dish sesh with your best friend?

See the Sun – It’s important to get outdoors, even when you’re beyond swamped and think you’re chained to your desk. When was the last time you were outside? Are you getting out with enough time for a glimpse of sunlight?


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Getting Nostalgic

The past few months have been a bit crazy for me, but it’s all coming around now. I think the fall always has a way of settling things into place before the bustling holidays come around. This time of year always gets me super nostalgic for my grade school years. Whenever you’re feeling completely crazed by college or adult life, sometimes it’s best to just act like a kid. Here are a few ways you can shake it all off and get nostalgic.

  • Have a solo dance party with your favorite 90’s or early 00’s hits. Feel free to sing out as loud as you want
  • Gather your friends up for a game of soccer or frisbee, or event better – tag, in the park
  • Put on your old delia*s PJ sets a Netflix marathon of an old favorite TV show with microwave popcorn and Twizzlers
  • Remake one of your mom’s specialties for dinner
  • Change your laptop wallpaper to your favorite boy band for just one day (or more)
  • Start a LiveJournal (the first blog!)
  • Call up old friends and catch up, or write an email (super old school)

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Look for the Happy News

The past week or so has been exceptionally anxiety-ridden in the 24 hour news circuit. In the San Francisco office there is a television in the pit always set to CNN, which can either be incredibly informative or just plain sad and depressing. While I don’t believe in being positively ignorant, I do think you are allowed to put a filter on your news time and time again. The past few days I’ve tried to look for “Happy News.” Here are a few examples:

Where do you go to get happy news?

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Skill to Conquer: Let Go of the Need to Control

Guys, this one is a big one for me. Almost all of my problems in life, work, and relationships can be traced back to a need to control or predict an outcome. I feel like if I don’t know for sure what is about to happen, I will be blindsided. I’ll end up hurt, alone or lost. Especially in our career of public relations, it is hard to “go with the flow.” We work tirelessly to be prepared for all situations and offer our clients counsel or “predictions” of what results will look like from certain actions.

I’m here to call BS on the whole shebang and try a new outlook.

I was recently told I need to “watch the waves” rather than “try to catch every single breaker.” Trying to predict and plan for any kind of outcome or scenario is not only completely exhausting, it’s maddening and ridiculous. Life does not go according to “your plan.” If it ever does, it’s really a coincidence. That is not to say that your hopes and dreams mean nothing, but if you open up, often times the result is a much more pleasant and exciting experience than you ever thought was possible.

Here are a few things to catch yourself on next time you feel yourself spinning out in control freak mode:

What am I really afraid will  happen? Am I texting the boy 100 times because I’m afraid he won’t call? Would my world collapse if I don’t get home right at 5:30pm tonight? If I get caught in traffic, will my brain really explode?

Is this really any of my business? Am I trying to make something happen for someone else? Is the interview I just had really all about me, or is it also about whether or not the company and I are a fit together? What other players are there? Can I or should I really influence this at all?

Would letting go feel like freedom right now? Often times, the answer is yes. Think of it this way – would you rather be paddling against the current, trying so hard to go the way YOU want that you don’t even notice the beautiful view around you? Or how would it feel to put the paddle down, drift down stream and look at the scenery? Yeah. One is better than the other. Duh.

So say buh-bye to your inner control freak. Watch the waves this time.

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