PR Twitter Tips: November 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and M and I can’t stop talking about holiday music, decorations and gifts. Below are some of our favorite PR Twitter Tips from November. Thanks to all that tweeted using #PR101.


@Thee_PR_PeaRl: Strategy includes establishing goals & objectives, formulating action & response strategies & using effective communication.

@MrsPR01: Be a sponge throughout your whole career in public relations, soaking up new knowledge and tactics whenever possible.

@GinadinPR: The questions don’t do the damage, only the answers do.

@larsonlacey: Work until your idols become your rivals.

@dianalbri: Yes dear, you need bloggers to help get a client exposed. They are considered key players in media now.

@BrandSpeakAsia: In PR it is important to know what makes the news. Reading and monitoring the news is key

@thePRwoman: People will connect with you because of what you do! Create an interesting bio for higher engagement.

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PR Twitter Tips: October 2013

Happy Monday! Did anyone else feel like Halloween lasted for over a week this year? Here are a few of our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips during the month of October. Thanks to all who tweeted.


@PawsPR: Pay attention to detail and keep your copy crisp and clear.

@KAmuses: It’s called earned media for a reason. Earn a reason for people to talk about you and media to cover you.

@BrandSpeakAsia: Key messages should be targeted/talk to particular stakeholders of a brand for it to be effective.

@southernbliss_: General email advice: short paragraphs and bullet points, please.

@TheSpotBlog1: Fill your networking time 80% in your target market and 20% in your professional field.

@NkemOnwudiwe: If your press release headline is more than 60 characters, it’s no more a headline. ‘Keep It Short & Sweet!’

@kathrynelise: Never take ‘no’ for an answer.

@VanGirlsPR: When you have to wear heels for long events, pack flats for the trip home!

@BrandSpeakAsia: Identify and constantly update media contacts to build and strengthen relationships.

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PR Twitter Tips: August 2013

So sad to see summer go, but we’ve already entered the whirlwind of September (aka New York Fashion Week). Here are a few of our favorite PR Twitter Tips from August. Thanks to all who tweeted using #PR101.



@IndependentlyPR: Get ahead of the story!

@EmilyL_Langford: If your approach is unprofessional, your results, well, you won’t have any.

@PawsPR: Research! Find out who writes/edits the column where you want your story to be featured & contact them directly.

@thePRwoman: Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable.

@ajogrady: Never wish failure on your teammates. If you try too hard to compete you’ll end up standing alone.

@RFBCommGroup: Build strong relationships with reporters and they’ll be more likely to read your pitch.

@PJonesIncNY: Don’t pitch TV reporters 3 hours before they go on the air.

@missamykeller: Great content is still king.

@UrCoffeeBreak: Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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PR Twitter Tips: July 2013

As we’re entering the last month of summer (wah!), here are a few of our favorite PR Twitter Tips from the month of July.

Thanks to all that tweeted using the hashtag #PR101.



@LaurenAPruner: PR Motto – “Help me Help YOU!”

@smittencreative: “If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.” – Unknown

@jondigumz: When emailing a press release about an event, do not forget to include the street address!

@msbananapeel: Learn when newspaper deadlines are. Don’t call pitching stories in the hour before deadline.

@smittencreative: PR is about knowing your audiences better than they know themselves.

@WomenInPR1: As a publicist you must always think strategically & out of the box at the same time!

@PawsPR: Embrace numbers. Use statistical data to track the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, website hits & ads.

@PJonesIncNY: Focus on details. Nothing hurts the credibility of a pitch, a proposal or a program like sloppy mistakes.

@PawsPR: It’s critical to stay on top of the news and current events. Always know the latest about what is happening in your field.

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