PR Twitter Tips: May 2013

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year? Below are some of our favorite PR Twitter tips from May. Thanks to all that tweeted using #PR101. Make sure you tweet us in June.


@thePRwoman: You are your first client.

@KLMPublicity: Time management is vitally important in this industry, aint nobody got time to wait around for you!

@AnetkaStarrPR: Work and wait patiently. Everything will happen in due time.

@PeaRlBellaPR: To reach specific “publics,” PR Pros must choose channels of communication carefully.

@ChristensenPR: Sort of like a pebble dropped in a pond, it may be small, but the ripples can go far.

@marnizaretsky: Gaining value is much more important than achieving success.

@smittencreative: Know your audience! Figure out what they’re watching, listening and reading to help customize your message.

@PawsPR: Press releases should be short, simple and to the point. Reporters want news, not fluff.

@sierraclarkeee: Always stay informed.

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PR Twitter Tips: April 2013

It’s already May! Below are our favorite #PR101 Twitter Tips from the month of April. Thanks to all the contributed.


@PeaRlBellaPR: RACE: Research, Action, Communication, Evaluation.

@MAVERICK_PR: Take ownership over your work no matter the task.

@Miss_Greyson: There’s always room for improvement.

@InspiraShan: Refine. Reduce. Reuse. Relearn and Reciprocate.

@PRGuySy: Speed is nothing if there’s no quality to your work.

@PRgirlConfess: In PR, a lot of things pop up at an inconvenient time, learn to adjust to that and you’ll succeed!

@Johnson_Cassie: Sending out blogger emails is no joke! Learn who you are pitching to!

@SjhumeDedication, persistence & self belief are a powerful combination.

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PR Twitter Tips: March 2013

It’s April 1. No, this is not an April Fools joke…it really is April already. Man, how time flies. Below is a list of our favorite Twitter tips from March 2013. Thanks to all that tweeted using #PR101.


@MAVERICK_PR: The first step to writing an effective communications plan is research. Use all the resources that are available to you.

@WomenInPR1: Aim to be two things: proactive and useful.

@SabrinaLGPR: PR is mastered through experience – everyone pays their dues.

@KJPrry: Keeping emotion out of the office (without coming off as a robot) is always a wise choice.

@MelissaMariePR: A little humility goes a long way.

@lov3RENI: There’s a very thin line between persistence and stalking.

@AnonymousPRGirl: ALWAYS monitor a competitor’s coverage!

@Chelsealou4508: It’s always best to do the right thing.

@smittencreative: Persistence is key to securing media coverage.

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PR Twitter Tips: February 2013

So today is the last day of February (what?!) and for many PR professionals it’s a bit of a wake-up call since we only have one more month left in Q1 and plans still have yet to be approved! Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter tips. Thanks to all that tweeted.



@PRgirlConfess: Clients don’t like hearing bad news, be sensitive but still firm! They hired you for a reason.

@NadineJohnsonPR: Always confirm everything in writing.

@KJPrry: Purpose may get you in the door, but having a solid plan gets you the go-ahead.

@SueannTannis: The best image makeovers are done quietly, over time. – E. Dezenhall

@Leanne_Barton: Keeping clients happy depends on how you manage expectations. Better to under-promise/over-deliver.

@smittencreative: Timing is essential when pitching! Give enough time to report, but don’t pitch the idea too soon or they might forget.

@_christielsmith: You need to read in order to write.

@KAmuses: It’s not about a good plan, it’s about a strategic get ‘em excited plan.

@Chelsealou4508: There is power in positivity.

@PeaRlBellaPR: Following a crisis, be sure to debrief staff and review and refine your crisis procedures.

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