PR Twitter Tips: April 2014

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today is one of many excuses to hang with friends and drink margaritas. Before we dive into May, here are a few of our favorite #PR101 Twitter tips from April. Thanks to all that tweeted.


: I swear to never ever repeat a descriptive word in a press release.

: It truly is SO much easier to be the voice of a brand you love through and through.

: #PR Lesson: If you don’t believe in the power of the brands you work with, no one else will!

: A “Save The Date” is exactly that; “Save The Date”. If you put RSVP details, that is called an invitation.


: Creative without strategy is called art. Creative with strategy is called public relations.

: Asking the right questions = getting better answers.

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PR Twitter Tips: March 2014

Happy April! M and I couldn’t be any happier to say goodbye to winter and welcome the gorgeous weather we have in New York City today. Below are some of our favorite #PR101 tweets from last month. Keep them coming and you could be featured xx


@SymonePR: Do without delay, any task that can be finished in one minute.

@PawsPR: Listen to the interns!

@GemmaTognini: There are those who think reputation doesn’t matter. Generally, they’re the same ones who have none to speak of.

@Selsi_Ent Are you thinking about your target audience when crafting your message? It’s vital to coming up with a strong communication plan.

@BecMacfie: PR Lesson: Don’t forget, as a publicist, you’re not just representing your brand, you’re also representing yourself!

@BecMacfie: Make your pitch as good as your selfie. Make it clear and ensure it reflects the most important features & angles!

@christielebanks: As exciting as it may be applying for a job, research the company to solidify it’s the right place for you.

@southernbliss_: Using social media a lot does not automatically make you a social media expert.

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PR Twitter Tips: February 2014

Happy March! We saw this morning what we hope to be the last of snowfall in the New York City area for a long time. But that might just be wishful thinking. Below are some of our favorite #PR101 tweets from the month of February. Thanks to all that contributed.


@PrettyLivingPR: Think of each client as YOUR own business and brand. In many ways, they are.

@MrsMego_B: If you don’t know the answer or don’t want to give an answer….pivot.

@SDGreenall: Marketing is full control, PR is released control.

@CFDA: “Work to be authentic and avoid overplayed words and stories.”  @AlexanderWangNY‘s Leslie Rubisch

@MBAprgirl: Perfecting the pitch: Have a point. Make it fast.

@Thee_PR_PeaRl: You are only as strong as your media list.

@MairaNieto4: Goals need to be measurable.

@MBAprgirl: “If you don’t tell your own story, someone else will.”

@UrCoffeeBreak: Work hard and be nice to people.

@KJPuncorked: There’s a huge difference between being in charge and being a leader.

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PR Twitter Tips: January 2014

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had an amazing Super Bowl. NYC turned into an extended version of the giant tourist attraction it already is, so laying low was our best bet. Here are some of our favorite #PR101 Twitter tips from the month of January. Thanks to all that contributed.


@onlymytweets: Please don’t send me ghost stories. Attribute quotes.

@PawsPR: 9 times out of 10, an email’s subject line determines whether or not it gets opened.

@iamsheabutta: When in doubt, leave them out. Or at least cross-check your lists.

@samanthaperry: Dear PR Company, sending me a newsletter with no unsubscribe link is spam.

@CharissaLauren: PR no no: do not set up automatic Twitter DMs for every new follower.

@VanGirlsPR: Remember, at the end of the day, you are your own brand. It’s okay to sell yourself!

‏@Sam__Dickson: To reach your audience effectively, you need to understand them. Always listen to their perspective on matters that impact them.

@nycprgirls: HINT: When on an interview, NEVER swear or use foul language.

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