From the Mailbox: Getting into PR Without a PR Program

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Dear nyc PR girls,

I went into college undecided, but through college activities and greek life I have found that PR is my passion. However, my college doesn’t offer any PR courses or a PR program. I think it is too late in the game to transfer schools. How would you recommend getting prepared for a public relations career in a school that doesn’t support my goals?


Confused Collegiate 

Good news!! Having a PR program or even a media degree is not a must-have by any means to get your foot in the door of PR. As a matter of fact, I did not take any PR classes in college. I did take an advertising class and a marketing class to expand my thinking and help my campaign writing, but they didn’t even make enough of a difference in my course load to constitute a minor in media.

What I always tell college students is to major in a subject that appeals to you, whatever that might be. And if you are looking to get into public relations, the more writing in the course, the better. I was an American Studies major, which was an honors major at my college but basically the most liberal arts major you could take. My senior year I took a class called “New York City in Film.” We watched Rosemary’s Baby and The Godfather. Enough said. The positive was that every course required a TON of writing, so I got to practice my writing skills and voice. I even presented my thesis paper on Extreme Mormons in the United States to my first few job interviews.

The biggest item is to get real world experience. Continue working on your campus and gaining as much experience as you can that will help land you an internship. Even if you were in a PR program at your school, you can’t graduate without at least 2 internships under your belt. Experience is the most useful tool at your disposal.

All is not lost! Enjoy your time at college and do what you love. Work for your dreams YOUR way. Good luck Xo.

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