Celebrating in the City (or out of it)

This weekend is my birthday, and about the fifth one I’m having in New York. Each year I do something around dinner, drinks, (more drinks), dance party… but this year I wanted to do something I felt like actually deserved.   So I’m actually LEAVING the city and spending the weekend on the beach with a good friend from college.   After the week I’ve had in the office, sand and a tan are necessary.

Celebrating in the city is usually such a daunting task – it’s like being at a restaurant and not knowing what to order… everything looks sooo good.   If you’re planning a city soiree for yourself or a girlfriend this summer, here are a few things I’ve done in the past that can hopefully serve as inspiration:

  • Invite your best girlfriends for a boozy brunch at one of your favorite spots
  • Go Magic Mike style and hit up one of the chippendale locations in the city (I’ve been to Hunk-O-Mania. Awful name. Awfully awesome experience)
  • If you need outdoors, try Beekman Beer Garden or the Frying Pan for a chill day in the sun
  • See a show on Broadway (when else can you make an excuse?)
  • Go on a cupcake/macaroon/fro yo dessert crawl in the city
  • Take the day and check out one of the many beaches on Long Island


How do you celebrate in the city?

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