Create a Marketing Strategy

Every Professional is a Product

People buy items from companies they know and trust, name brands whose reputation sets them apart. A working professional is really no different from these brand name items, because a self employed individual is really a product, too. In the business of work from home, a name equals a reputation. Create a marketing strategy to give both positive word of mouth.


Marketing is about getting the word out there, building up a brand name and delivering on promises and commitments. Even when it comes to marketing people, this basic formula doesn’t change. Create a marketing strategy that will accomplish these goals, but make sure to always deliver on every commitment. Even the best marketing strategy in the world won’t help when the reputation doesn’t back it up.

Essential Marketing Tools

For the self employed professional, the greatest marketing tool is the portfolio. Many people who work from home have both a physical and online portfolio which makes it easy to showcase examples of work. Online portfolios are easy to access and can be easily updated, but even paper-rich portfolios can be easy with a little regular maintenance and frequent updates. It’s a good strategy to include only high-quality work. After all, marketing is about making products and people look good. By the same token, be sure to keep resumes and references updated. Most employers ask to see resumes and samples of work. With a winning portfolio and an updated resume, a self employed professional has all the right marketing tools close at hand to get that job.

Every Professional Is a Product

Don’t forget, a self employed professional is really a sort of brand name. Reputation is key to establishing good credentials, because even the best marketing in the world won’t overcome bad word of mouth. Meet deadlines, answer e-mails and always, always follow through. Be sure to respond to employers even when getting turned down for a job, because a simple thank-you can go a long way toward putting a professional in good standing the next time a position becomes available. A complete marketing strategy includes a strong follow through – delivering to employers and clients as promised.


The best marketing strategy of all is simply to have confidence. Apply for jobs even if attaining them seems unlikely. Continue working on the portfolio and the resume, keep building up a brand name and don’t give up. That’s the most beneficial marketing strategy of all.

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