District PRofile: Flatiron

Last month, we started PRofiling different districts in the city. First was the Upper East Side which is  where both M and I live. This month, we’re taking a look at the Flatiron District, a small area in Midtown named after the Flatiron building.  If you’re ever in the area, consider stopping by these places…

TO SEE The Flatiron Building: The triangular must-see on 23rd and 5th is conveniently located across from  Madison Square Park, home of the infamous long-lined  Shake Shack.    Plus, the park always has a new art exhibit.

TO EAT Eataly: A one-stop market, restaurant and bar all in one. Whether you’re craving fish, cheese, pizza, pasta, meat or veggies, each food group is divided into a different restaurant, plus a formal dining eatery Manzo and a now open rooftop brewery Birreria.

TO DESSERT City Bakery: Known for its hot chocolate and pretzel croissants (yes, pretzel croissants).

TO DRINK Flatiron Lounge: Take a break from dive bars and grab a martini at the Flatiron Lounge. Just don’t go hungry.

TO SHOP ABC Carpet and Fishs Eddy: Beyond shopping your typical mall shops (the strip on 5th Ave starting around 21st St.), consider checking out these home furnishing stores.

Have a favorite place in the Flatiron District? Please share.

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