Does This Look Okay?

I hear this questions often in my office, either coming from a  co-worker who ran  out the door in a rush or from my own lips when I’m having a similar morning. Occasionally, it is even something I will ask a girlfriend when I meet her for brunch, or via the text image I just sent to my best friend in Atlanta while I’m shopping (she often does the same).

I bet even KK often needs some reassurance on her style choices, right?

Moving to the city, I lived alone for one of the first times in my life. Though I loved the solidarity, at times, I missed having easy access to my best friends/roommates.  I missed our impromptu movie nights and dance parties and having someone you could rely on when you locked yourself out of the apartment. Most of all, I missed another set of eyes. I love to mix it up with my closet staples and new trends, but sometimes you just need a reassuring comment from a friend. Someone to assure you that your overplay of stripes makes you look polished, instead of a twisted version of a nautical zebra. Though there are just some trends you can’t pull off and should leave to the professionals. That assessment is often a hard one to make on your own and of yourself.

I thought I had discovered the solve for one of my biggest complaints of living alone. I could start a website and post my questionable style choices online for a fashion forward public to judge (Think Hot or Not, but for outfits instead of physical traits). Meg can attest to this “brilliant” idea that came about during a wildly off beat G chat discussion, in which she made me realize one of the commandments of fashion. Thou shall not wear something you don’t feel 100% confident and yourself in! If you are not feeling confident in your look, you are not going to look confident. Confidence is key to many things, fashion and PR included. Though I am a firm believer in dressing on the edge at times, leave those “questionable” ensembles for a day (or night) out with the girls to test the waters instead of debuting on a first date or day at the office.

However, if you’re like me and still need a little reassurance every now and then, you can check out the below websites that offer such fashion advice. Turns out my “brilliant” idea already exists via these sites: Here you can post images of a single item, or an entire outfit, then get a thumbs up or down on whether it’s fashionable.

– On this website users can vote on whether your outfit is ‘œchic’ or ‘œweak.’ This website  is a browser add-on that lets you shop online with friends and get feedback on what they think before you purchase anything.


And remember you are one confident and in control PR girl, lets shoot for more than just “okay”. We are going for fabulous, you don’t deserve anything less. Don’t forget it!

image via Daily Mail


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