Election Day Etiquette

If you have an interest in politics (as I do), today is  a very fun day.  Media has turned all eyes on to the election, and that leaves us to catch up on speculation and watch our nation come together and make some very important decisions.  My sister (slash roommate) and I have plans to make a crazy cheese platter and watch the counting from our living room, but there are certainly many fun events going on throughout the day.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as a PR girl riding the wave of democracy:


Keep in mind, media is not listening today – The news is on the election. Unless you’re working on a project with specific consumer contacts who will still be working on their regularly scheduled features, do not try to pitch news media this week.  Now is not the time for a press release

Be patriotic, but not partisan – If you have strong political beliefs, keep them to yourself or your close friends.  You may think you work with open minded people, but politics is similar to religion in the work place. You won’t convert someone in a debate over your cubicle, so don’t even start.  Also be wary about adding political comments to Facebook or Twitter. Emotions are running high, and these are still social media outlets that your employers look to

Take time to read the news – Even if you’re not sure you love politics, take time to enjoy the democratic process and read about today’s events.  Whether you enjoy the count from your couch or the local water hole, keep up with the going’s on and try to learn something

And most importantly… GO VOTE! Happy Election Day!


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