Embarrassing PR Girl Confessions

I am the first to admit, I’m a bit goofy and awkward as a person.   While this used to be a quality I tried to hide as much as humanly possible in high school and college, in my adult life I’ve chosen to own it. I have to say it has actually helped in my career and in my life.   Not only because owning who you are leads to incredible confidence, but also being a bit   weird helps you bond with others!   Everyone likes having a good laugh, and everyone enjoys being around an easy going person who can laugh at herself.

There are certain things about a PR girl that are just downright silly.   While we have accepted these traits and actions as normal, it would be safe to assume that our friends/boyfriends/parents/strangers think they are just plain odd.   Here are a few embarrassing PR girl confessions that we are definitely guilty of:

  • We get a little too excited when our Staples order comes into the office, and new colors of pens/Post-it notes are inside
  • Though we are obviously frustrated when people do not understand what PR is, PR girls can rarely explain what PR is themselves
  • PR girls can run in heels like a pro, but sometimes we just fall from standing up out of pure exhaustion
  • We yell openly into the office to communicate just about anything, whether it’s hunger/time of the month/pop culture news break/poor fashion decision
  • We share an online purchase decision with at least 10 people for confirmation it is actually cute before making the commitment
  • PR girls talk about celebrities like we know them personally, since it is our job to research their backgrounds, latest mishaps, and personalities for potential partnership work in the future
  • We believe we “own” the room at any given moment, so we are usually the first to dance on the table or booth at a party
  • We’ve read every new women’s magazine most likely before it hits newsstands
  • PR girls will make drafts of texts before sending texts, to be sure they are communicating what they mean
  • If you are standing in line at the movies/public restroom/Starbucks, there is most likely a PR girl behind you eavesdropping on your conversation
  • We spend so much time with our iPhone, we have changed our lock screen to a picture of an attractive male to make us feel a little less lonely (aka the ManPhone)


What are some other PR girl confessions?

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