Entrepreneurial Dreams

If you’re following us on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve taken another business trip to San Francisco. This time around it isn’t raining and I finally got a chance to explore the city and see some of the sights including Fisherman’s Wharf, Lombard Street, Pier 36 and a distant view of the Golden Gate Bridge. While here, I also met up with a good friend of mine I interned and attended college with in Florida. As we caught up on each others lives I couldn’t help but be inspired by her story.

While living and working in Florida, she was extremely miserable with her job and working in what she called the cubicle of doom on a daily basis. She aspired to be her own boss, doing what she loved which was branding and marketing. In Florida she met her now boyfriend and business partner who said he was moving to San Francisco.

Looking for an out and to start new, she decided within one week to quit her job, break-up with her then boyfriend, sell her car and make the move to San Francisco to start a new marketing and web company. She had never once visited San Francisco and went out on a limb to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams without even a place to live.

For the first several weeks, her and her business partner lived out of their suitcases in different homes until they rented a place right outside of the city. They’ve networked to find new clients and hire contractors on a case by case basis. Seeing her so happy and pursuing her dreams is extremely motivating and I admire her bravery. It takes a strong-willed person to take such chances in their life and I can only hope that her story can also inspire others.

Have you pursued your dreams? What’s holding you back?


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