Fashion Friday: Commuter Must-Have’s

I’m headed home for a long weekend celebrating my brother’s graduation, so luckily I am out of the city just as we’re experiencing the first heat wave of the season.  However, this week of sweating got me thinking of the must haves for keeping your commute in the city as comfortable as possible.  Here are a few things you’re going to need to stay stylish as you strut into the office this summer:

  • A great cross-body bag, to keep weight off your shoulders.  I love the Cambridge bag, $155
  • Large hair clips.  Even if you give yourself a great blow out, just spending five minutes outside will turn your hair limp
  • Comfortable flat shoes. Even if you’re a lover of heels, as I am, you need comfortable shoes to run to the train in. I wear Converse ($50), but Tom’s ($54) are another great option
  • Sunglasses are a must while commuting as well.  Every PR girl needs at least two kinds of sunglasses – glamour shades, like a pair of Karen Walkers, and Ray Ban Aviators ($145)


What are your commuter must haves?


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