Fashion Friday: Traveling from the Office

Adrianna and I have a few travel plans lined up for the summer, and most of them involve leaving directly from the office and getting on a train or hopping in the car.   Similar to Summer Fridays, this is a tricky wardrobe situation that has to potential to go into inappropriate category, as well as completely uncomfortable.

Here are a few items that I think are must-have’s when traveling from the office to your sunny summer weekend location:

An easy-to-carry overnight bag. We’ve all seen those poor souls on the subway who haul luggage on their commute (I’ve been one of them from time-to-time).   Invest in a quality leather weekend bag or duffel.   My colleague has this one from Michael Kors and I’m OBSESSED.

A wrinkle free, breezy dress. Don’t try to get too fancy for your travels.   Jersey dresses are your friends here.   Try any from J.Crew, Old Navy or Anthropologie. If you find a style you love, purchase a few in different colors or prints.

Low-heel espadrilles or easy flat sandals.   No heels when traveling, please. Ever.

In-transit entertainment.   If you’re traveling with girlfriends, they can be your entertainment!   Otherwise, download a new book on your Kindle (or reread Fifty Shades) and pack your iTunes with some new jams to get you in the summer spirit.


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