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In honor of Thanksgiving   fast approaching we wanted to share our go-to blogs for our favorite recipes. We have each had the opportunity to work with a food client at our current PR agencies and the experiences have definitely given us a new-found appreciation for the kitchen. Instead of secretly wishing my kitchen was additional closet space, these beautiful blogs and websites have helped me develop a fondness for cooking.   Typically, I head to my favorite Epicurious page to satisfy a hankering.   But with the holiday right around the corner, there are so many festive blogs and sites to help celebrate an entire day filled with cooking, food and giving thanks.

Here area  few of our favorite food blogs:

The Pioneer Woman – Ree Drummond made a name for herself as the city gal turned country girl, who fell in love with a cowboy and traded LA glitz for Oklahoma cattle. Ree blogs at The Pioneer Woman on home schooling her four children, entertainment, home and garden, and most importantly cooking. Ree’s recipes are as delicious as they are well photographed and easy to prepare. Maybe it’s my southern roots, but I always feel at home scrolling through Ree’s blog. As a novice cook and baker, this blog has helped me take my first steps into honing my domestic skills.

Smitten Kitchen – Deb is my culinary crush.   Not only do her recipes tempt my taste buds (and cooking skills), but she cooks all her recipes in her tiny NYC apartment. Now I have no excuse for considering cooking and baking a weekend hobby opposed to a daily necessity.

Cupcakes and Cashmere – Emily Schuman’s blog is more than just a pretty space. Her blog offers entertaining tips, interior design, how-to’s as and weekly recipes. Get tips for entertaining this Thanksgiving and scrumptious recipes to feature on your dining table.
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