Favorite Ways to Sweat It Out in NYC

Since yes, we’re in bikini season, and yes, Fourth of July is next week, obviously everyone is thinking of the beach and getting in tip top shape for their bikini. A and I have a crazy schedule between work, the blog, networking and social obligations, so working out either has to be penciled in or done before we can think about it. We are both huge fans of Tone it Up and try to get in our “booty call” each morning before we start the day. If I’m not running on the West Side Highway or doing YouTube vids in my living room, here are my favorite fitness studios in Manhattan:

For the Spin Enthusiast, try REVOLVE Once upon a time, I had an amazing spin instructor that I would commit to at any time of day. After he left my gym (and I quit said gym soon after), I struggled to find a spin class that didn’t seem too frou frou or overcrowded. Enter Revolve. Their classes pump you up and make you challenge yourself, while having a blast and not getting super touchy-feeling on you. Try Jason Tran’s class (my fav)

For the go-getter, try BARRY’S It could be argued that Barry’s Bootcamp started the boutique fitness studio phenom, thanks in part to the Kardashians. However, if I’m feeling sluggish or need a kick in the butt back into a fitness routine, Barry’s always does the trick. Don’t be intimidated, you can adjust weights and treadmill speeds as much as you need throughout the workout

For the unique, try CHAISE FITNESS I miss ballet class almost every day, so when I had the chance to sign up for Ballet Bungee, I took it. Not only was it a killer arm workout, but I had fun with my classmates and the instruction was spot on

For the empowered, try UPLIFT A women’s only studio that feeds off inner strength. Their HIIT class is amazing – hard enough to the point where you’re not sure you can make it, but then you do. And you feel awesome!

For the Om, try PRANA – Though I know yoga is good for my mind and body (especially as a stressed PR girl and a runner), I can’t help but be intimidated by super-trendy yoga studios or bored by too-toned-down classes. A colleague recommended I try Prana Power Yoga for a not-too-hot hot yoga hour with fun music. I’m in!


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