Find a BFF in the PR Girl

We have done a few posts now on dating PR girls, but what about having a PR girl in your tight social circle?  Girls and guys in public relations make some of the very best and loyal friends, just from our nature and the tips and tricks we learn in the industry.  If you don’t have a PR girl in your social family yet, we suggest you run to the nearest Starbucks or secret Saks sale and get one ASAP.  Here are a few reasons why:


  • Need to find the ideal outfit for an occasion? The PR girl friend knows how to dress your “brand” no matter what the event
  • Looking for a certain pair of shoes on the cheap? Your PR BFF will be able to google just about every boutique out there and find you the best price
  • Need a hot date spot? The PR girl friend knows where the new spots are, or, can find you a place to match the ambiance you’re looking for
  • In the middle of interviewing? Have your PR girl look at your resume for a frank point of view
  • Having issues with your guy? Send your texts or emails to your PR girl BFF before you send to your beau.  They will edit your text with perfect precision, and make you look like the hot Megan Fox of text that you truly believe you are
  • Changing careers? Your PR girl friend has a network of people across all industries
  • Looking for parties to go to this weekend? Your PR BFF won’t lead you astray – she knows exactly what’s going on, who with, and where
  • Lucky enough to have a PR girl as a bridesmaid? You’re about to have access to all the top vendors in your area

What are some other PR BFF perks?

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