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Last week I mentioned I was searching for a new apartment. I went back and forth between deciding if I should find a one bedroom, or another roomie, or just live in a box. I looked a six different apartments – each one with its own issues. It was either too small, too big, too expensive, too old, too far. Anyone who’s searched for apartments in this area knows what a headache it can be. You have to make a decision whether or not you want the apartment within a matter of hours – otherwise it’s gone.

Found It!


Well today I finally signed the lease for a new apartment that’s just right. It’s a one bedroom in Hoboken not far from the Path and Washington Street. Now I’m beginning to stress furniture and storage. This place is small so I have to use space wisely. I have a month in between my new apartment and old apartment so I have time to plan, but looking for new furniture and  finding ways to make space is tricky.

Where do you tend to look for new furniture and design inspiration? Share your Pinterest boards Xx

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