Free Your Mane

Recently I was approached by the folks at Free Your Mane to test some of their natural, environmentally-friendly hair care products. After dying my hair black a few weeks ago, I’ve been searching for a good new hair product and in particular, a new hair masque to keep my hair conditioned (I hate how dry my hair gets after a dye!).

The  Free Your Mane Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque  ($20) was exactly what I needed.  Once a week I use the product by combing it through my hair and letting it sit for 15 minutes. After every use, my hair feels extremely soft and conditioned. It works well to seal split ends and reduce frizz, which will come in handy this summer.

I also got to test the Restorative Hair Oil  ($25) for application after shampoo/conditioner. This leaves your hair smooth and hydrated and protects  hair from heat damage and over-processing. I instantly noticed a difference and it also works great as a detangler. For those in the city, these products can be found at Ricky’s.

Do you have a favorite hair masque or oil? Share it with us!

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