From Rice to Riches

Last night I took a rare but delightful trip down to Chinatown. Each time I’m in the area I feel like I’ve stepped into a different city with new adventures and restaurants to try. On the way to Chinatown, my cousin and I passed by Rice to Riches, a rice pudding dessert shop on Spring between Mott and Mulberry  that I’d been dying to try since seeing it in one of my favorite movies Hitch.

As a huge fan of rice pudding, Rice to Riches has 24 different flavors to try (yes, 24!) and I had no idea where to start. The server noted that almond was her favorite so I gladly took her suggestion and honestly couldn’t imagine any of the other puddings tasting much better. It tasted like sweet heaven in a small bowl topped with buttery graham cracker on top. Delicious.

The downside, the shop itself actually makes you feel guilty for enjoying the delicious treat! The door warns you “No Skinny Bitches” and all of the signs inside hint towards the fact that this snack is not a healthy one.

But for me, it was worth every calorie.  Have you tried Rice to Riches?

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