From the Inbox: A Failed Internship

Hi Ladies,  

I was awarded an amazing internship opportunity as a public relations coordinator for the student-run radio station on campus at the beginning of the summer. However,  I had several life events happen this summer that caused me to perform very poorly at my internship, resulting in my being fired today without notification.

How can I bounce back from this? Are there ways that I can get other internship opportunities for the fall? What other activities can I do or organizations can I join that can help me recover from my epic summer failure? Any advice would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance, 

Looking for a silver lining

A Failed Internship

First off, don’t let this get to you. Not every internship works out and sometimes our personal lives have to come first. Don’t look at it as a failure – look at it as a learning experience. First make sure you keep a good relationship with the radio station on campus and send them a thank you again for even giving you the opportunity.

You can quickly bounce back from this by pursuing other internship experiences – once you feel you’re in a good place with your personal life. Speak with your adviser and ask about any fall or spring opportunities. Look to join any communications organizations on campus such as PRSSA. Or consider rushing a sorority – which helped me grow immensely in college. It’s important to get involved with campus activities to grow your resume and network with other students.

Bottom line, don’t let this get you down. One bad internship experience won’t effect your future PR career. There is a silver lining.

Xo, A

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