From the Inbox: Top 3 Burning Questions on PR Interviews

We are full swing into fall internship interview season, and almost on the daily we receive questions on how to ace an upcoming interview.   We’ve provided some basic tips on interviews in the past, and started our guide as a resource for readers in all stages of their careers.   However, it’s almost refreshing to see girls continuously asking questions and looking to learn from one another as they go out to conquer their dreams.   Below are some of the most popular questions we receive in our inbox.

I’m going into a creative/fashionable/trendy firm and want to dress to impress! Do I wear a lot of makeup? What about jewelry and clothing?

We get this question ALL the time.   Yes we’d love to come over and dig through your closet with you, but I’d be willing to bet that we’d still land on you wearing your favorite (clean) dress and pumps.   Wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident is always the best choice for an interview.   If you’re sitting in the chair fidgeting, wondering if your cat-eye eyeliner is smudged or if your skirt is too slutty, you’re not focusing on your interview question responses and not presenting yourself in the best light.

Don’t pull an Elle

I’m not in New York YET but I want to move for the right job.   I’ve heard that’s near impossible to get an interview without an address in the location.   Should I fake an address on my resume?   Do you recommend moving beforehand?

Though I know people who have posted an imaginary address on their resume, I’m not sure I would tell someone to do this.   No, your employer may never find out, but it’s a silly way to make a stupid mistake and come off looking disorganized and homeless to your dream firm.   The best thing to do is be honest in upfront in your cover letter or introduction email. You’re currently out of city/state/country, but willing to travel for the right interview opportunity at the employer’s convenience.

It’s my first interview with a company I’ve been DYING to work for.   I don’t want to blow it!

First off, deep breath.   Though you may think your career depends on this hour-long meeting with a representative of this company, it doesn’t.   As we’ve written about before, it is absolutely possible to land your dream job but it’s going to take time, patience and research.   What helps me most when going into an interview is to remind myself that this meeting is a two-way conversation.   I’m not only looking to see if I’m a fit for this company, but if the company is a fit for ME.   Ask smart questions and see if this is really the   ideal job it’s cracked up to be.   You deserve it!


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