From the Inbox: Daily Routine?


Hi Lindsey,

How do you tend to start your day at the office? Is there a routine that you have as I’ve been told so many times that there are no two days the same in PR?

Great question! I actually do have a routine for the first hour or so of my day each day that I try to stick to as best I can.

When I get to the office, I turn on my computer then go grab water because I am a crazy person and like to constantly have water at my desk. When I return, my computer is always ready to go.

Once I sit down, I file all emails that I got over night. That ranges in numbers from 60-300 depending on what is going on with clients. As a quick note, I flag what is important to do the next day and will try my best to not handle things late at night. Once my inbox only has flags, I start my servicing by going through clippings that we were sent and I will do a full google search of every client and every project clients are involved in with a 24 hour time window.

Once my servicing is done, I start getting to the first emails of the day and then prioritize constantly. When you get into the office, you could think that one thing is the most important schedule or memo to get out but something else could always come in.

With that being said, I try to use my inbox as my to do list and keep ideally under 20 emails a day. I also then keep a small notebook next to me with all the things my boss has to approve, things I have to do, and things coming up so my next step to my day can make sure that I have nothing outstanding from the day before.

I know everyone is typically told that there are no two days alike in PR but I would try to have a great one hour or so routine so that you can start going through the motions and take the day from there! x


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