“Get Me into Vogue”

I am the dreamer’s biggest cheerleader. I love visualizing a new life, I love setting near impossible goals, I love fighting for what I want.  Since coming into this industry (just coming to New York in general really) I have realized that almost everyone has big pipe dreams.  For the PR industry in particular, I like to call it “the Vogue complex.”

Being exposed to public relations at first seems glamorous. Whether you notice a publicist in Prada leading a celebrity while he walks the red carpet, watch any number of E! reality TV shows, or see a tall skinny blonde jogging in six inch heels at the tents at fashion week, our industry looks like a fast-paced glamazon show.  You don’t really know what to think, but you want to be a part of it. It’s bold. It’s in control. It’s Vogue.

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Clients in PR fall for a similar pipe dream. Each emerging brand has that vision of a full page spread or feature in a glossy magazine, and whether or not it will do anything for them business wise is irrelevant.  While smart PR people may push for online placements or partnerships to move the needle for sales, the client insists on that glossy magazine feature. “Get me into Vogue.”

I hope that Adrianna and I have shown you along our journey (going on 3 years now!) that while PR has it’s glamorous, fun and flirty moments, Vogue is not the end all be all of PR.  We receive countless emails and tweets asking us how to get connections into fashion houses or celebrities. Public Relations is so much more than that. Yes, the possibility of working with Channing Tatum or teaming up with Marc Jacobs would make any blue-blooded fashionista’s heart flutter. But we’re bigger than that. There is so much potential in each of you that Vogue literally isn’t big enough to hold it all in.

Find what it is about Vogue that sends chills down your spine. Is it the people? Is it the glam? Is it the fast-paced life? Find your own path that is much less traveled and much more fruitful.  You’ll make your own Vogue, and it will be so much more fierce.

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