Giving Two Weeks Notice

Last week I announced that I will be taking a new position after working with my current agency for over three years. Giving my two weeks notice was a first for me and I have to say it was the most stressful part of taking the new position. Yes, people do it all the time but breaking the news to colleagues was extremely hard plus there are a few rules of etiquette you have to follow once you give your two weeks.

Giving Two Weeks Notice

  • Break the news to ones you work closely with first. There’s nothing worse than finding out from someone else that you’re closest colleague on your team is leaving. Tell your manager who you’re going to tell and when.
  • Make sure you’re giving at least two weeks notice. And take the two weeks literally – vacation and holidays don’t count.
  • Get the next steps. Find out ASAP what you have to do next and speak with HR.
  • Start clearing out your desk. Still working on figuring out how to get an entire bin filled with shoes home.
  • Offer to help. Find out what is needed of you and how to best transfer your workload.  Don’t leave work hanging for your team to figure out.
  • Don’t be negative. Find the positive and speak to how much the company your resigning from has helped you.
  • Continue to work hard. Don’t slack off just because. You never want to burn any bridges. Especially in the PR industry.
  • Give proper goodbyes. Don’t slip out the back door on your last day.

How did you handle giving your two weeks notice?

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