Goodbye, Upper East Side

A few weeks ago I posted about  my great apartment debate after receiving notice from my landlord that rent in my building was being raised an obscure amount. Unsure of where I was going to end up, I finally decided to make the move to Hoboken. I moved to the Upper East Side right after graduation and have lived here for two years. Since it’s the only part of the city I’ve ever called home, there are definitely factors I’m going to miss and not miss.

I’m going to miss…

  • The close proximety to Central Park
  • Pinkberry around the block
  • The Met in my backyard
  • Carl Schurz Park
  • Second Avenue
  • Easily taking a cab anywhere in the city
  • My UES pals (M is still a resident)

I’m not going to miss…

  • The abundance of strollers and dogs
  • Second Avenue subway construction
  • Dorrian’s
  • The 86th St station
  • Not having a washer/dryer
  • Being far from home (NJ)

Stay tuned to find out my thoughts on living in Hoboken. Looking forward to the change!

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