Interested in becoming a PR girl? We want to help you.  Truth-be-told there is no step-by-step guide but there are actions you can take to lead you in the right direction. With that said, below is our unofficial guide to being and becoming a PR girl.

Defining PR
PR Girl Do’s and Don’ts
Pitching Tips
PR Twitter Chats
PR Reads
PR Girl Newsletters
PR Girl Jargon: Part 1
PR Girl Jargon: Part 2
PR Girl Jargon: Part 3
The Brainstorm
Know Your Audience
Travel Like a Savvy PR Girl
Writing a Press Release
Staying Sharp in a PR Girl World
Avoid the Burnout
How to Stay Focused
Managing Up
Managing Down
Mastering the Brainstorm
The Perfect Follow-Up
To Do’s When There’s Nothing To Do
Pitching & Digging
Strategic Thinking
A PR Girl’s Salary
Covering the Cover Letter
How to Keep in Touch with Co-Workers
Manage Your Manager Meetings
Working From Home
PR Pitch Mistakes
How to Beat Writers Block
Keeping your Cool
A PR Girl’s Morning in the Office
A PR Girl’s Afternoon in the Office



Stand Out in Your Internship
Intern Survival Kit
Ask Your PR Professor
Sorority Girl to PR Girl
Internship Interview Tips
Things To Know When You’re an Intern
The Informational Interview
Should Summer Interns Follow-Up with HR?
Job Application Prep
College Seniors: Get Your Name Out There
What to Expect from your PR Internship
Landing the PR Internship Without Experience

Useful Job  Search Engines
nyc HR girl Insights
Networking for Jobs
PR Cover Letter Tips
PR Resume Must-Haves
Land Your Resume in NYC
Mastering the Phone Interview
Stuck in Job Search Limbo
Burning Questions about PR Interviews
PR Interviewee Questions
Preparing for the Interview
The PR Portfolio
Securing a PR Job in NYC
Navigate Your Network

Signs PR is the Job for You
You Can Find your Dream Job
Securing a PR Job in NYC
PR Homework
How to Find Your Calling
Making Moves in the PR Firm Path
To Intern or Not to Intern, That is the Q
Finding a Job in NYC