Halloween Costume Do’s and Don’ts

Halloween is a bizarre holiday when you think about it, but I typically don’t question any holiday that involves candy. Part of the fun of Halloween, for me, has always been thinking of a creative and fun costume to wear for an evening (or two). When I was younger this typically involved my mom making handmade costumes or repurposing her old bridesmaid dress into a preteen’s purple princess dream dress. Anything I dressed up as in my youth revolved around an excuse to wear makeup or glitter.

Our ideas of dress up have evolved as adults, but there is still a nostalgia in Halloween that lets your inner child come out to trick or treat play. Use your creative PR girl skills to think of a costume you may even have already in your closet or be creative and create your own. After all, PR girls naturally turn heads and Halloween should be no different.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for your Halloween Costume this weekend:

(This look is  a definite do, props if you can pull of this Black Swan eye makeup on your own)



Amanda Knox or Casey Anthony– These ladies have had enough media attention for the year, do they really need another night?

Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Elizabeth Taylor  or anyone else you passed away this year, too soon.

Sexy Nurse/Vampire/Disney Character/Nun– I can understand, you prefer to look sultry over scary this Halloween. Be creative and have fun, don’t default to fishnets and a tight, poorly made (and over priced) generic ensemble.

Snooki  – or any Jersey Shore Cast member for that matter.  We adore the shore, but once Snooki costumes became prepackaged  it was time to shelf this costume idea.

Lady Gaga – Don’t get us wrong, we love Mama Monster. Be unique, Lady Gaga has been a Halloween staple since her debut.



Lady Gaga as Joe Calderone – If your love for Gaga just can’t let you miss an opportunity to walk in her skin for a night, go as the newly debuted Joe Calderone this year.

Black Swan – We loved Natalie Portman as Nina and I’m thinking this will be the costume of the year. You just have to ask yourself, white swan or black swan?

Idioms I love this idea! A friend told me this week she is attending an Idiomatic Halloween Costume Party. She and another party goer are going as “Peace and Quiet”. One is dressing like a Hippie (peace) and the other a Mime (quiet).

Holly Golightly  or other NYC inspired characters – pay homage to NYC this year if you are partying in the city that never sleeps by dressing up as your favorite New Yorker. Walk Fifth Ave channeling Audrey Hepburn as Holly or put on your best Marilyn Monroe and stand over the infamous subway grate.  

Couple Costumes – I’m a sucker for couple and group costumes. Be creative and have fun with your friends, dressing as characters from the same film, fairy tale or even nightmare.

Be Creative/Clever    – Let your personality and creativity shine through!
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