Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to everyone!  It’s that exciting time of year where everyone is starting fresh.  After a vacation at home that felt like a much needed hibernation, I’m feeling bright-eyed and ready for what the next month has in store.  This is one of my busiest times of year, with new programs kicking off for all of my clients and a few trips planned for work.  Before things start to get really insane, I like to use the first day back as an opportunity to set some habits I can easily hold on to during the madness.  Here are a few good habits and goals I’ve started to work on as I get back to the grind… hopefully they inspire some of your own PR resolutions!:

  • Wake up early, and only press snooze once
  • Organize hard copy materials into new “2013” folders, including call agendas, notes
  • Drink green tea!
  • Read more magazines, and check in with editors immediately after reading relevant articles
  • Keep a more organized and thoughtful calendar, giving myself enough time to complete assignments during the day
  • Sign off gchat/email for an hour each day to dedicate to pitching
  • Continue to check in with managers frequently, especially with trips coming up
  • Instagram more!


What are some of your PR resolutions for 2013?


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