Holiday Gifts for the Office Gal

It’s that time, folks. The race for holiday shopping and gift giving. I was trying to be good this year and think of some things through the year, but for the office girls it’s a little different. You don’t want to be overindulgent, but definitely want to show your appreciation to any managers/supervisors/team members/admins/college professors/study buddies that helped you out this year. The look of gratitude and delight is worth the cost of shipping, I promise you.

Below are a few ideas for holiday gifts for your work buddies…

giftguide1. Kate Spade Mug – Something to smile at every day at the desk $20

2. Fortune Cookie Box – A cute little box to keep on the desk for paperclips and secrets $25

3. Felix Ray Umbrella - For the manager who has saved your life on multiple occasions. Save her from a rainy day $65

4. Stationary Cards – Every PR girl needs cute note cards for sending deliveries and thank you notes $15

5. Armitage Ring – A cute little ring for the glamour girl $35

6. Pinch Emergency Kit – A quick item that every PR girl and guy needs in their desk for emergencies before a meeting or on the way to the airport $25

7. Notebook – We always need notebooks, everyone needs notebooks, we scream for notebooks  $12



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