Holiday Unwind

I have to say, this is my first day working after Christmas and it feels odd. The office is dead, which is disturbing yet relaxing at the same time since I can catch up on my 200+ emails from the past week. Any PR professional knows it’s not hard to find work to do when there’s little to do. Here’s what’s on my list this week.

empty office

  • Monitoring – get all of your charting done before the New Year
  • Google Alerts – sort through them and delete those you don’t need
  • Blog Catch-up – my favorite, look at recent post from your favorite and most relevant blogs
  • Year End Report – most clients have these, get started now!
  • Research – whether it’s for a spokesperson or event space, this is time consuming so great for downtime
  • 2013 Planning – there’s plenty of this to get started on
  • New Years Pitching – though it may be a little late, New Years coverage lasts through January

It can be hard to unwind from the holidays! What’s on your list of to do’s this week?

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