Holiday Party Etiquette

This week has been crazy with an office holiday party, an intimate friends gathering, a couple holiday house parties and a black tie event that I just had to pencil in.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the cheer and go a little overboard (it happens to the best of us), but now is also a great time to do a little gut check and make sure you’re behaving appropriately at each venue.  Below is a list of the top holiday parties that everyone probably has on your schedule, and how to accommodate your attitude for each.

A Friendly Cookie Swap or Pot Luck – one of my favorite parties of the season.  Dress in stretchy pants (leggings) and a festive top.  Sock bun or spunky ponytail.  Spend time on your dish to pass – this is a great excuse to try one of the many recipes you’ve drooled over on Pinterest. Bring your best work stories and boy gossip.  You know it’s time to leave when the wine bottles get recycled and dishes are brought to the sink – offer to help clean up as well!

The Office Party – Potentially one of the most fun or one of the most dangerous. Dress in a fancier office look – nothing too short, too sparkly, too high or too crazy. Here you can show off a personality with accessories.  Stick to two beverages, three MAX.  Avoid gossip or whispered talk, but have fun and bond with co-workers.  You know it’s time to leave when someone attempts to make Gangnam Style happen.

Holiday House Party – Time to let loose!  Now you can break out the short sequin skirt or new red lipstick you wanted to show off this season.  Bring a bottle of wine or six pack to contribute to the festivities.  Do not try to play DJ, and politely compliment the host on their music style (even if some ballads from the early 90’s come on).  You know it’s time to leave when the sun comes up.

The Black Tie Event – Whether it’s for a charity or a super fancy office party, these are a great excuse to get all dolled up.  Wear a maxi skirt or festive cocktail dress and skip the black tights.  Treat yourself to a blow out.  Bring a well packed clutch.  You know it’s time to leave when men have started to sweat through their tuxes from all the dancing.

What parties are you enjoying?!

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