How a PR Girl Gets Out of Bed

Lately I’ve been having the absolutely worst time trying to get up in the morning.   It’s probably a combination of late nights at the office and my pending vacation next week, but there are some days that I will let my alarm go off on snooze for almost an hour.   Though I would consider myself a morning person, this season has been one of the busiest I’ve ever had and my body just refuses to accept the day when it comes.

PR Girls are notorious night owls, and it doesn’t help that we are known for our anxious tendencies on top of it.   We basically create the perfect storm of procrastination.   It would be comical if it wasn’t completely exhausting.   Here’s how a PR girl attempts to start the day:

  • Even though she may have had a late night at the office/hot date/cool club to check out/client event the night prior, a PR girl will go to bed convincing herself she will wake up early to get to the office before everyone/go to the gym/make herself breakfast/curl her hair/visit the dry cleaner
  • She will wake up at 4am with a running list of to-do’s in her brain. She convinces herself that she’ll be perfect after just one more hour of sleep
  • When the alarm goes off at 6am, she immediately hits snooze and rolls over
  • Now 6:45, she is running through the mental checklist again. Only this time, it is with a hint of dread
  • Finally, at 7am, she’s up
  • After showering, she’ll wonder if she will ever actually wake up with enough time to do her hair properly
  • She’ll take 30 minutes to choose an outfit, as every day she has the “I have nothing to wear” conundrum
  • Now 8am, she’ll be throwing makeup on her face and scrunching beach spray in her hair hoping it will dry decently on the walk to the train
  • Outside the subway, she picks up Metro and AM NY to check for competitor placements or some random, happy surprise love from the consumer editor she’s been pitching
  • With 5 minutes to spare, she tells herself she has time for Starbucks. The wait in line takes about 20


How do you get yourself set for your day and out the door?

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