How to Beat Writer’s Block

When I’m as busy as I am now, one of the most frustrating things to come down with is a case of writer’s block.  You have a release, a pitch and a plan to get done for three different clients, and the brain is just not functioning as it should.  It’s easy to get tongue tied when you write all day long as a PR professional, but we can never stop!  Here are a few key things to keep in mind when the brain goes blank:

Ask questions – Sometimes, though I’d like to think that I’m a decent writer, the words will not go on the page as eloquently as they could.  Creating a rough draft or template and asking questions before handing in any “final” drafts is absolutely necessary in the writing process. If you’re not sure, speak up!

Google – When you’re unsure about a brand voice, brand language or what is considered “exciting” to a new client and what will lie flat, google for past releases or similar news items.  Never steal language that isn’t your own, but you might find a few new words or phrases that will do wonders for your writing style

Scribble it out – For whatever reason, sometimes I am a better writer on a notepad or piece of paper than I am in front of the computer (I blame my Harriet the Spy days when I wrote in composition notebooks all day long). Try moving to a new office location or taking a notepad to a coffee shop for 10 minutes to get some words to a page.


How do you beat writer’s block?

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