How to “Break Into” PR

We received this email (and many more like it) and wanted to share with you all. It addresses a very common worry of PR girls and guys just starting out in the industry.

Dear nyc PR girls,

I am currently interning for a boutique PR Firm in Atlanta, Georgia that specializes in Fashion and Beauty PR. I am also a PR Intern for an event planning company here in Atlanta. I love PR and I am 100% sure this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. However, I am wondering what I can do to break into the industry. I have finished school and I am hoping to land a job at an agency upon completing my internships in December.


Double Duty and Dreamin’


When I first read this note, I though this chica pretty much had it made. Working two public relations jobs at once and hasn’t even graduated yet. But still, she’s missing that feeling that she’s on the “right track” and going to bust into the PR scene after graduation. Many of you may be in similar positions, where you feel like you’re taking the right steps but you’re not… exactly… sure….

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Have patience – I’m not going to say never, but very rarely do people bust into the PR scene and have a name, a network, and a good standing reputation for themselves. These things take time. Understand that with every career, and especially PR, it’s going to take a few years of growing pains to find your sweet spot. Totally cool, normal, and expected

Dont’ doubt yourself – If you’re doing all you can do, reasonably, then let yourself off the hook a bit. Focus on your work in the present moment and how you can grow and learn. If you’re always worried about what’s going on in the future, you might be missing some important lessons waiting for you right NOW

Work your pretty little butt off – I don’t mean stress out and work 1,000 hours a week. Enjoy what you do. Take pride in your work. Get dressed to sit at your computer and submit resumes (no pj’s!). Try new outfits or makeup styles for your internship. Go to lunch with people in your field and with similar interests. When you really love what you’re up to, the universe takes note. Then…

Sit back and receive the opportunities – Doors are always just about to be opened, even if you haven’t heard the knock just yet.


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