How to Decipher PR Girl Speak

Whether you’re settling into your first internship, have been in a PR office for a while, or visiting a friend at her job, there is one thing you’ll notice filling up the halls or the cubicle pit – PR Girl Speak.

Contrary to stereotypes, this is not the valley girl BS that the media has pictured PR girls and guys spilling at a the name drop of Anna Wintour. Yes, it’s a crazy form of shorthand, but when you get the hang of it it’s actually pretty intuitive and ingenious. Whether it’s for your boss or your girlfriend, it will help you communicate in the long run if you learn to speak the language. Here are a few example phrases we PR people drop on the regular.

The ROI is not worth the spend or the time” – This project will take too long and cost too much and will get us nothing. Forget it.

We’ve seen editors talk about this all over Instagram” – We better get on this trend ASAP before they start talking about it in the New York Times and it’s no longer cool.

“I pinged her about it – it should be considered pending” – An email was sent, and the media placement/proposal/extremely-important-thing-that-is-due will appear shortly.

Did you see that placement in Cosmo yesterday?” – You better have read Cosmo yesterday. And you better be sending that placement to the client.

“We think it would be advantageous to take another look at what we’re sharing with our Twitter followers” – Your social media content is questionable and unsharable. Time to hire a copywriter.

“We already have over 20 editors confirmed for event!” – Our creative event idea worked and we want to brag about it. And we should, since this event has already made a few interns cry.

“Did you see what Ellen did with the epic selfie at the Oscars?” – Wish we had more of the clients’ money so we could convince JLaw and Channing Tatum to make a Vine video with Meryl Streep.

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