How to Have a Hamptons Weekend… Not in the Hamptons

I’ve been lucky enough this summer to have friends with houses on the shore and in the Hamptons that I have been invited to crash at.   Last summer, I would have such a bad case of FOMO when my friends rushed off to the beach and left me in the city to swelter.   Though I’ve loved every weekend out of the city, I’ve realized there isn’t too much to the Hamptons that can’t be done in Manhattan (or ANYWHERE) with a bunch of fun-loving girls (and maybe a paycheck to spend).

Instead of sitting on your bum wishing you were beaching it, grab some friends and plan a Hamptons weekend NOT in the Hamptons:

Play Commuter Catch-Up: The first part of a Hamptons weekend is the trek out to the beach itself. Usually, people make this an impromptu Happy Hour on the Jitney or train.   Use the time right after work on Friday to catch up with your friends in a relaxed setting, whether it’s on a boat or on your couch

 Friday Night is College Night: The first night of a weekend at the beach basically reminds be of freshman year of college.   While you may have come with a friend, you are now cramped into a house with people you most likely do not know, and are expect to socialize with for the next three days.   What solves this problem? Socializing.   Take your friends to a place you’ve never been before, that’s a little bit out of your comfort zone.   Been interested in trying out a restaurant a few towns away? Go for it.   Need a laugh? Try a drag show

Brunch on the Beach: After sleeping off the week, it’s time to head to the beach and clear your head and rid of any worries.   But you don’t need sand to get some fun in. Set up a badminton court in your front yard, or go a little old school and set up a sprinkler. Make sure your bestie is by your side, blast Friendly Fires on Spotify, invite your neighbors to come by, and make a batch of rum punch


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